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Vegetarian in Iceland: What Can You Find?

Delicious meal made for vegeterians in Iceland
Iceland is an island nation most famous for its majestic terrain reminiscent of another planet with untouched mountains and other marvels. Icelandic cuisine is reflective of the environment therefore seafood can be found everywhere. So when you are an adventurous vegetarian in Iceland, what can you find to eat? Fortunately, Iceland has made a name for itself in the world...

Where to Eat in Akureyri (Restaurants and Cafés)

Akureyri at night. What are the best bars, restaurants and cafés?
Akureyri may be considered a small city in the north of Iceland. But there is actually something quite charming. And I don't just mean about its picture-perfect landscapes. Only a few people are live in this town, around 18,000 inhabitants. Nonetheless, the population is quickly growing due to a large number of tourists that come here every day. Today...

Iceland’s South Coast: Vík and Environs

Reynisfjara black sand beaches and basalt columns are Vik's signature natural attraction
The tourism industry in Iceland is booming. With over 2.2 million annual visitors, our small Nordic island has become a tourist hotspot, topping the bucket lists of travelers all around the globe. While some people come to Reykjavik for a few days, the majority of travelers who come to our shores are here for a different type of adventure:...

Where to Eat in Vik: Best Restaurants and Dining Options

Halldórskaffi is one of Vik's best restaurants with this salmon salad and Arctic char
Apart from Reykjavik, the small coastal village of Vík on Iceland’s South Coast is probably one of the most visited towns in the country. It’s a popular stop located right on the Ring Road (Route 1). There’s not much surrounding the remote seafront village. But proximity to Iceland’s famed black sand beaches and the Reynisfjara peninsula’s hexagonal basalt columns...

The Trip of a Lifetime: An Iceland Road Trip

Sun's rays bursting through winter clouds on Iceland road trip
Let's be real: who doesn't love a good road trip? There's the freedom of hitting the open road with your close friends or beloved family. The uncontrollable laughter of whatever crazy jokes you guys come up with. Singing at the top of your lungs to your favorite car songs. Bonding over games and stories and creating unforgettable memories. Add...

Cool Outdoor Activity: Private Bike Tours in Reykjavik

Private Bike Tours in Reykjavik for any Iceland travelers who would like to join this green option
It’s no secret that Reykjavik is incredible. Stunning. With each passing year, the city continues to grow with a steady influx of tourists. If you are coming to visit us for the first time, be prepared to experience a lively art scene, colorful wooden buildings, and delicious food. Getting the lay of the land is the first thing that...

Best Activities and Things to Do in Reykjavik

Visiting the Sun Voyager statue is a popular activity in Reykjavik
You’ve finally gotten your bags from baggage claim, you have trekked from Keflavík airport, you’ve checked into your accommodations in Reykjavik. So now what? First-timers to Reykjavik will likely want to go out and explore the city, taste our food, or experience our culture. But, where should you go? What do you do? How many hot dogs are considered...

Best Clubs and Bars In Reykjavik – Iceland Nightlife

Alcoholic drinks at Bars in Reykjavik
Deciding on which bar or club to go out to during your stay in Reykjavik can be a difficult choice. In recent years, with the tourism boom, it seems like a new restaurant or bar is opening up every single day. Maybe you are looking for some good, old-fashioned, American comfort food, or maybe going the traditional Icelandic route...

Best Restaurants in Reykjavik

Reykjavik's best restaurants feature many fish and seafood dishes like this fish head
Calling all foodies! Summer is here, and you know what that means. It's time to travel, explore new countries, try new things, and most importantly, try new food. Iceland might be on your travel itinerary and you're probably wondering what to eat while you're there. Will they force you to eat local delicacy hákarl? We sure hope not! It’s...

Where to Get Cheap Food in Reykjavik – Keeping a Tight Budget

Fast food is always cheap food but not always recommended
While traveling abroad, there are many costs to consider. Apart from the costs of flights, tours and accommodation, you also need to think about your meals. You are not at home anymore. You don’t have a kitchen where you can prepare any meal you like. If you are traveling by campervan, maybe there’s an evening where you’d like to...

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