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Norse Mythology: The Stories Behind the Icelandic Nature

nordic sagas book with stories of the Icelandic nature
Since the beginning of time, human beings have tried to find a reason to explain the wonders that surround us. In a nation like Iceland where solitude, scenic beauty, and a somewhat extreme climate collide, thousands of stories were born. Icelandic Folklore continues to captivate us up to this day. There are dozens of stories behind the Icelandic nature,...

The Unexpected Revival Of Paganism Through Ásatrú In Iceland

Ásatrú In Iceland
This is probably one of those topics I never thought anyone could request. Do not get me wrong, it is not because it is not interesting at all. It is indeed a quite important topic but it has never been very relevant. And when I say relevant, I mean well known to anyone outside Iceland or any Scandinavian country....

What Is The Status Of Religion In Iceland Nowadays?

Religion in Iceland
Iceland is a country of contrasts; of that we are sure of. But this not only applies to wild nature and landscapes, it also applies to everyday subjects. When it comes to religion, Iceland come across as one of the most religious country. Funny enough, and at the same time, not a religious one. How can this be possible?...

Amazing Historical Sites In Iceland

Historical Sites In Iceland
Iceland is not famous because of impressive and historic building, but because its landscapes and nature wonders. However, there are some constructions that are worth a visit because of its importance in the country’s history. Here we will mention some of those Historical Sites In Iceland and explain a bit of their past and present. Höfði House Höfði House is a mansion...

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