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Sunday, December 3, 2023
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Is Iceland a part of Scandinavia?

Map of Scandinavia with Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Is Iceland Scandinavian?
Iceland is often referred to as a part of Scandinavia. Is this true? Well, opinion often varies, even among Scandinavian people! Evidence suggests there is one right answer. Many don’t realize some people make specific distinctions between Scandinavian and Nordic countries. Looking at a map of Scandinavia, it’s understandable why there’s some confusion. All of these northern European countries...

Symbolism, History, and Meaning Behind Iceland’s Flag

Iceland's flag is one of the more beautiful one's and it has a fascinating history
A flag is the very identity of a country. By using a combination of colors and symbolism, a nation can convey its cultural values, stories, and histories. At its core, a flag is the ultimate device for communication. If you look at the flag of any country, any flag you know at least, a flurry of images, stories, historical...

Iceland’s Independence Day – A Journey Full of Celebrations

Iceland's Independence day is on June 17
Iceland is not only a remote island up north of the Atlantic Ocean, it is also a very new country in both geological terms as well as in the political field. This tiny country was one of the last places on earth to become a colony. Do you want to discover how Iceland went from colony to sovereign nation?...

The Northern Lights in Iceland: Mother Nature’s Most Colorful Show

The Northern Lights in Iceland over Kirkjufell mountain
The Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights have given rise to endless stories. In addition to taking in all its majestic wonder, the human mind has found ways to dream up fantasies regarding its existence. While we currently have a scientific explanation for them, there's something else that happens when looking at this natural phenomenon. It's inevitable that you step...

Iceland’s Most Famous Villains – The Country’s Twisted Past

Open book in old-fashioned library chronicling Icleand's history
Did I just say Iceland's most famous villains? Icelanders are so nice, how is that even possible? Does Björk have a rogue uncle that no one talks about? People tend to associate many things with Scandinavia. Great health care, outstanding maternity leave policies and personal safety are always at the top of the list. It's not surprising, because Norway,...

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