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Icelandic Culture – What Are Icelanders Like?

A couple of young icelanders wearing the traditional sweater of the icelandic culture
So, you’re headed to Iceland soon, and you want to get to know your hosts a little bit better. Do all Icelanders come from Vikings? Why are Icelanders obsessed with hot dogs? What is Icelandic culture like? These are all valid questions, and if you have never been here, it may be hard to imagine answers. I am going...

Traditional Icelandic Food: A Basic Introduction

Seafood is important in the traditional Icelandic food
We think about food all the time. It’s a part of our daily routine and of course, it’s a staple for human survival. What we eat is not something random. It forms a part of a larger culture and also creates new traditions in most societies. Typical food becomes traditional because it is part of the history and collective...

The Ancient Stories Written in The Iceland Viking Sagas

Every country has its history written down, either on paper, parchment scrolls or rock. Some use some artsy hieroglyphic and some others use one of the most beautiful written way: poems. Whichever way each civilization chose, we cannot deny the importance and impact such histories have in each nation. Iceland is a tiny remote island, but here, some of...

Vikings in Iceland: The Origins Of The Settlements

Vikings in Iceland
It is not a surprise that Iceland has a strong Scandinavian Link. In fact, it is a Scandinavian country. Its language, Icelandic, is currently the most similar one to old Norse. Nowadays children in Iceland can easily understand old Norse sagas. But, how did this happen? How come this remote Island in the north Atlantic Ocean became Viking? If...

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