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Saturday, January 29, 2022
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Best Microbreweries and Craft Beer in Akureyri

Akureyri has some great microbreweries and craft beer
Just 60 miles south of the Arctic Circle lies the fishing town of Akureyri. Reykjavik may receive the lion’s share of national acclaim, but Akureyri is nothing to overlook. The city has a lot of history and culture tied to it. Every time I make my way up north, I make sure to visit Iceland’s unofficial northern capital for...

Icelandic Culture – What Are Icelanders Like?

A couple of young icelanders wearing the traditional sweater of the icelandic culture
So, you’re headed to Iceland soon, and you want to get to know your hosts a little bit better. Do all Icelanders come from Vikings? Why are Icelanders obsessed with hot dogs? What is Icelandic culture like? These are all valid questions, and if you have never been here, it may be hard to imagine answers. I am going...

Best Clubs and Bars In Reykjavik – Iceland Nightlife

Alcoholic drinks at Bars in Reykjavik
Deciding on which bar or club to go out to during your stay in Reykjavik can be a difficult choice. In recent years, with the tourism boom, it seems like a new restaurant or bar is opening up every single day. Maybe you are looking for some good, old-fashioned, American comfort food, or maybe going the traditional Icelandic route...

Reykjavik Nightlife – Tips for Going Out

Best tips for Reykjavik nightlife
It can be tough going out for a night on the town when you are traveling. Nothing is worse than going out with high expectations of obtaining the local experience, only to find yourself in a tourist trap with overpriced drinks. Going out in Iceland is no exception, it can be tough. But, if you are in Reykjavik, are...

Reykjavik Nightlife and Best Bars

Reykjavik nightlife blurry with best bars
Reykjavik's nightlife is legendary. Like most capital cities in Europe, residents here know how to party. It's imperative to have a list of Reykjavik's best bars at your disposal in order to take part in the festivities. Whether visiting Iceland in winter (when a nice drink can keep you warm) or in the middle of summer (when the Midnight...

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