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Funny Yet Useful Phrases in Icelandic

Man and boy with moustaches in Icelandic colors with funny and useful phrases
Icelandic is a language with a proud linguistic heritage. We descended from the Vikings, as did our beloved mother tongue. While every traveler needs to know basic phrases like “Hello”, “How are you”, and “Is that Sveinn Gunnarsson over there?” before their plane touches down in Reykjavik, let’s be real; that’s all a bit boring. What will truly help...

Is Iceland a part of Scandinavia?

Map of Scandinavia with Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Is Iceland Scandinavian?
Iceland is often referred to as a part of Scandinavia. Is this true? Well, opinion often varies, even among Scandinavian people! Evidence suggests there is one right answer. Many don’t realize some people make specific distinctions between Scandinavian and Nordic countries. Looking at a map of Scandinavia, it’s understandable why there’s some confusion. All of these northern European countries...

Iceland Country Profile – FAQs and Brief Overview

Iceland FAQs and country profile
We are going to do something a little bit different today. Instead of exploring the best of the best that Reykjavik has to offer, we are going to do a quick rundown of Iceland. We tend to get asked the same questions again and again, so we hope this will answer the most frequently asked questions about Iceland, like...

The Icelandic Outlook on Life – þetta Reddast

Icelandic woman with philosophy "thetta reddast"
Growing up in a country whose nickname is ”The Land of Fire & Ice" bred a certain mentality. Iceland is a country filled with contradictions. The small volcanic island is one of the youngest landmasses on the planet, yet it has the oldest forms of democracy. Iceland is home to some of the most violent volcanoes in the hemisphere,...

The Icelandic Language: Proud Linguistic Heir of the Vikings

The Iceland flag representing its language and history
Icelandic is not one of the world's most spoken languages, nor is it in high demand at language schools. This doesn't necessarily mean that the language’s history and evolution are any less fascinating than more well-known languages such as English, Spanish, or French. If you are a lover of Viking culture, a lover of languages or are simply curious,...

Basic Phrases In Icelandic For First Timers – Let’s Have A Chat!

Planning a trip to a foreign country is always associated with apprehension of a language barier. Nowadays we can communicate in English everyhere as well as in Iceland. However easy it might be, we do recommend to get some basics of a native language. Those who start their adventure with Icelandic language often get discouraged even before the start....

Where Does The Icelandic Language Come From?

Icelandic Language
It should not be new news to you that in Iceland we speak Icelandic (yeahh!) There are currently 358.000 Icelandic speakers. Even though there are some native speakers in Canada and Denmark, most speakers are located mainly in Iceland. But where does the Icelandic Language come from? What does it look like? We will find out in this newly...

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