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Iceland’s Christmas Mischief Makers: The Yule Lads

Iceland's Yule Lads are a favorite Christmas tradition
What better time to talk about Christmas than in the throes of summer! Summer is in full swing and here in Iceland we couldn’t be happier. It doesn’t get too hot here in Iceland, but I know some of our readers are melting away in other parts of the world. So, let’s cool down, imagine the frosty chill of...

Iceland’s Culture, Traditions, and Customs

Iceland's customs, culture, traditions
Here in Iceland, we are notoriously friendly! Welcome! While our culture is open and affable, we also have a plethora of rich and fascinating traditions. Before any trip, you should become accustomed to some aspects of the country you are visiting (its just good practice). Below I will outline some integral and fascinating facets of Iceland's culture, traditions, and...

19 Crazy Facts About Iceland

Iceland map with various attractions and things to do
Iceland has been getting a lot of attention lately due to its exponentially increasing popularity as a tourism destination and its showing at the 2018 World Cup. But how much do people actually know about this tiny Nordic nation? Is it a part of Europe? Where is Iceland on the map? (Hint: Yes and it’s just east of Greenland)....

Iceland’s Most Famous Villains – The Country’s Twisted Past

Open book in old-fashioned library chronicling Icleand's history
Did I just say Iceland's most famous villains? Icelanders are so nice, how is that even possible? Does Björk have a rogue uncle that no one talks about? People tend to associate many things with Scandinavia. Great health care, outstanding maternity leave policies and personal safety are always at the top of the list. It's not surprising, because Norway,...

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