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The Most Common Icelandic Names

Hello my name is tag pinned on board - Icelandic names
Iceland is famously known as the Land of Fire and Ice with picturesque landscapes and awe-inspiring natural wonders. The names of these monuments are equally unique because the Icelandic language has remained mostly unchanged from the original Norse settlers. Icelanders are very proud of their culture and they pass down this heritage through their names. The most common Icelandic names...

Icelandic Words With No Translation

Certain Icelandic words have no translation
We’re pretty used to hearing that language is just another means of communication. It has to be effective and tends to evolve so that fewer words encompass more concepts. When we learn a foreign language, we often feel the need to find the exact word to express our thoughts. That one expression that we use all the time in...

The Icelandic Language and Jaeja

Takk means thank you in Icelandic
In a world dominated by English, many people consider the language of Shakespeare to be the global lingua franca. And while most Icelanders speak English very well, it’s not our mother tongue. On our tiny island, we keep alive a modern Icelandic language that is almost identical to the Icelandic sagas. Can you believe they were written a thousand...

Iceland’s Viking Past: The Settlements and The Sagas

Iceland's Vikings contributed to their history, language, and culture
Iceland is a unique place for many reasons. Not only is it a small island with fiery, active volcanoes and frosty glaciers, it also has a fascinating history. To me, one of the most interesting things about Iceland is that the modern-day inhabitants descended from the Vikings. This is not hyperbole. These Nordic conquerors settled the island in the...

Iceland Country Profile – FAQs and Brief Overview

Iceland FAQs and country profile
We are going to do something a little bit different today. Instead of exploring the best of the best that Reykjavik has to offer, we are going to do a quick rundown of Iceland. We tend to get asked the same questions again and again, so we hope this will answer the most frequently asked questions about Iceland, like...

Icelandic Culture – What Are Icelanders Like?

A couple of young icelanders wearing the traditional sweater of the icelandic culture
So, you’re headed to Iceland soon, and you want to get to know your hosts a little bit better. Do all Icelanders come from Vikings? Why are Icelanders obsessed with hot dogs? What is Icelandic culture like? These are all valid questions, and if you have never been here, it may be hard to imagine answers. I am going...

The Icelandic Outlook on Life – þetta Reddast

Icelandic woman with philosophy "thetta reddast"
Growing up in a country whose nickname is ”The Land of Fire & Ice" bred a certain mentality. Iceland is a country filled with contradictions. The small volcanic island is one of the youngest landmasses on the planet, yet it has the oldest forms of democracy. Iceland is home to some of the most violent volcanoes in the hemisphere,...

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