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Things to do in Iceland for free

Free things to do in Iceland to save money
Iceland is the second most expensive country in the world. We received this non-so-attractive distinction due to many reasons. To mention a few, the VAT is high. Depending on the product/service, it could be either 11% or 24%. Food wise, it is 24%. That is why you might think the food is so expensive in Iceland. Add to this...

24 Hours in Akureyri

Akureyri church is a must see
Akureyri is a city located in the north of Iceland. It’s considered to be the second most important city in the country in terms of the number of inhabitants. There are around 20,000 Icelanders living here. Akureyri is a lovely town which you can visit at any time of year. This is the perfect opportunity to explore the North...

Best Activities for Children in Iceland

Father with son on his shoulders walking towards Skogafoss waterfall
Planning any trip is already a bit difficult. You need to think carefully about your itinerary and many other little details. The complication factor increases when traveling with your little ones. You're probably wondering what to do with your kids in Iceland during their school break to make this an unforgettable trip for them. You want them to have...

Horseback Riding Tours in Iceland – Icelandic Horses

Horseback Riding
To understand the unique experience of horseback riding and, let me explain you first a bit about the Icelandic horses, which are a native specie only grown in Iceland. This breed is believed to have born from Scandinavian ponies between ninth and tenth century. Soon it got spread in some other parts of the world as Europa or South America. However...

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