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Funny Yet Useful Phrases in Icelandic

Man and boy with moustaches in Icelandic colors with funny and useful phrases
Icelandic is a language with a proud linguistic heritage. We descended from the Vikings, as did our beloved mother tongue. While every traveler needs to know basic phrases like “Hello”, “How are you”, and “Is that Sveinn Gunnarsson over there?” before their plane touches down in Reykjavik, let’s be real; that’s all a bit boring. What will truly help...

Basic Phrases In Icelandic For First Timers – Let’s Have A Chat!

Planning a trip to a foreign country is always associated with apprehension of a language barier. Nowadays we can communicate in English everyhere as well as in Iceland. However easy it might be, we do recommend to get some basics of a native language. Those who start their adventure with Icelandic language often get discouraged even before the start....

Icelandic Food: Well Known Culinary Delights and Disasters

Icelandic Food
Are you interested in getting deep into a culture? Well, you must be aware that the best way to do so is getting to know the gastronomy of a certain place. Cooking means more than the mere pleasure of enjoying a tasty dish. It is sharing our culture, meeting others and convey our heritage. Oh! And of course… to...

What makes Icelandic horses so special?

What makes Icelandic horses so special
Amongst the unique and singular things Iceland offers, today, we will be talking about one of the most valuated treasures we still keep: the Icelandic horses and its pure breed. They might seem a kind of pony, yet they are considered as a horse breed itself. These small long-haired Icelandic horses have short strong legs, what for sure, made them...

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