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Mount Esja: Perfect for Reykjavik Hiking

Mount Esja is beautiful at any time of year
One of the things Iceland is most famous for is its hiking trails. From the paths surrounded by hot springs in Landmannalaugar to hiking near Reykjavik, there are lots of places to go. One of the best Reykjavik day trips to go hiking is actually quite close to the capital city. Mount Esja And its trails are perfect for...

Iceland Nature Protection Measures

Iceland nature protection measures landscape
Iceland is a country that is blessed with many natural wonders, from mammoth glaciers to fiery volcanoes and bubbling hot springs. It's no wonder that our country so well known for its natural beauty has become a travel hotspot. But because Iceland has become a top destination for nature lovers, we've also had to be very careful to make...

Iceland Igloo Hotel: View the Northern Lights

Iceland igloo hotel bubble
Travelers come to Iceland for grand adventure, awe-inspiring views, and to create memories of a lifetime. What’s cooler than spending the night inside a transparent Iceland igloo hotel looking up at the stunning Aurora Borealis? This is an experience you will never forget. You will be mesmerized by the peaceful glow of the Icelandic starry sky and feel immersed...

Reykjavik Old Harbor: What to See and Do

Reykjavik Old Harbor views
The Old Harbour in Reykjavik has experienced a renaissance. What was once an old fishing port has been transformed with the opening of new businesses that offer a variety of services. From popular coffee shops to scooter rides, this area has been invigorated as a vibrant new quarter of the city. The Old Harbor Reykjavik Built between 1913 and 1917, the...

Sandstorms in Iceland: What You Need To Know

Sandstorms in Iceland on the Ring Road
Excuse me, what? Sandstorms in Iceland? That has to be some kind of typo. I'm here to tell you that no, you read that absolutely right. Just like the Sahara desert, Iceland gets sandstorms as well. Of course, ours come from volcanic ash and sand, so they're a little bit different. But they can still do a ton of...

Golden Circle Tour Iceland: A Full Itinerary

Golden Circle Tour Iceland Gullfoss waterfall
If you're coming to Iceland, you're no doubt ready to enjoy the plethora of outdoor pursuits our beautiful Nordic island has to offer. One of the most popular driving circuits for tourists is the Golden Circle route. It makes for the perfect day trip from Reykjavik and features lots of typically Icelandic highlights and attractions. But it's not just Gullfoss...

Your Iceland Honeymoon: An Amazing Experience

Iceland honeymoon couple Snaefellsnes Peninsula
The Land of Fire and Ice can be a romantic destination for lovers looking to do something out of the ordinary. Once the activity and excitement of planning a wedding and throwing a reception are over, it's time to relax. More and more couples are opting to visit Iceland for their post-nuptial vacation. With an endless array of lava...

The Best 4×4 Vehicles in Iceland

Best 4x4 vehicles in Iceland
Iceland is a haven for adventurous spirits who want to see nature in full technicolor. Known as the Land of Fire and Ice, it is bursting with contrasting wonders designed to engage your senses. Iceland has geothermal hot springs, crystal clear ice caves, glittering diamond beaches, active volcanoes, majestic mountaintops and so much more. The best way to see...

The Reykjavik Independent Film Festival (RIFF)

Reykjavik Independent Film Festival
The Reykjavik Independent Film Festival (RIFF) takes place every fall, and is an exciting event for movie lovers from around the world. The annual film festival brings in the best of the best from Iceland and around the world. The 2020 Reykjavik Independent Film Festival is sure to be a particularly special event. Surely we’ll have some amazing films...

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