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Iceland Map Explained for Tourists

Iceland is a destination like no other in the world. On this island, located between Greenland and Norway, it is possible to enjoy natural phenomena such as geysers, geothermal waters, volcanoes, glaciers and waterfalls. Iceland, thanks to being the country with the lowest population density in all of Europe, offers unspoiled landscapes full of magic, impossible to find anywhere...

BSI Bus Terminal in Reykjavik

bus stop in Iceland
This blog is usually related to touristic information on what to visit in Iceland and when. And although we said it a thousand times (yes, we sound like a broken record by now) renting a car in Iceland is the best way to get around the island. However, it is now the right time to provide an alternative to...

Iceland Ice Cream: Great Any Time of Year

Iceland ice cream cones
If you are an ice cream lover with a sweet tooth, have I got news for you. Iceland ice cream Is some of the best in the world, so you want to get some of this sweet treat during your trip. While this may come as a surprise to many, it’s actually not that weird. Haven't you ever had...

Demographics of Iceland

Iceland demographics typical man
Iceland is an isolated country famously known as the Land of Fire and Ice because of stunning contrasts and majestic views. Volcanoes topped with ice caps next to geothermal natural hot springs and national parks are peppered throughout this beautiful region. As a visitor, you might wonder what is the population of Iceland or be curious regarding facts about...

Snow Tires in Iceland and Driving Safely

Snow tires in Iceland are necessary
Iceland is known all around the world as a place of picturesque landscapes, sweeping mountains, and natural wonders. Stark contrasts are sprinkled throughout this fascinating island from hot springs to frozen waterfalls and active volcanoes to glacier ice caps.  Snow Tires in Iceland and Why You Need Them Iceland has a range of weather conditions during spring, summer, fall, and winter....

Iceland Glacier Melting: The Okjökull Glacier Extinction

Iceland glacier melting affect animals like a penguin
August 18th, 2019 was a very sad day for Icelanders, environmentalists, and climate change activists around the world. It was the day that we commemorated the loss of an Icelandic glacier to global warming with a ceremony. The climate crisis is real and we are very much feeling the effects of Iceland glacier melting. The Okjökull glacier extinction was...

Haifoss: One of Iceland’s Tallest Waterfalls

Haifoss waterfall Iceland
The wild interior region of our country is known as the Icelandic Highlands. This territory is famous for its unparalleled scenery and breathtaking landscapes. It's also home to one of the tallest waterfalls in Iceland: Haifoss. In a land of over 10,000 waterfalls, it's hard to stand out. But Haifoss waterfall (spelled Háifoss in Icelandic) does just that with...

Stuðlagil Canyon: The Newly Discovered Icelandic Gem

Stuðlagil canyon Iceland is a basalt column canyon
Anyone visiting a new country wants to see the most popular attractions and highlights the country is famous for. After all, they're famous for a reason, right? Additionally, travelers also want to get off the beaten path and discover some hidden gems that are not as well-known among tourists. One of these special destinations in Iceland is Stuðlagil canyon,...

Iceland Tap Water: Is it Safe?

Is Iceland tap water safe to drink?
There are lots of different questions that we ask when traveling to a foreign country for the first time. One of the biggest ones is whether or not we can drink water straight from the faucet. It's an important query that will affect us as we stay hydrated on our trip. Whether or not you can drink Iceland tap...

8 Prettiest Churches in Iceland

Turf churches are some of the prettiest churches in Iceland
While taking a road trip around Iceland’s Ring Road, you'll probably notice a lot of churches dotting the countryside. You might also be surprised to learn that this tiny Nordic island of nearly 340,000 people has more than 350 churches. Seems like a lot, right? Religion is not an integral part of most Icelanders’ lives; we’re the sixth most...

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