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Top 5 Unique Things in Iceland You Can Experience

Unique Things in Iceland you can experience while traveling in the country
Volcanoes, geysers, glaciers, breathtaking waterfalls ... Iceland itself is so unique that just by visiting it, you will discover the most amazing landscapes and experiences one can have. Yet, there are still many exciting places or aspects of this mystical island that are waiting to be revealed. That is why we chose 5 Unique things in Iceland! This way...

5 First Experiences in Iceland You Should Not Miss

First Experiences in Iceland
Iceland is definitely one of these countries when planning the trip to, you have no idea where to start. It is full of attractions and surprises. There are many things you should see and you would not like to miss the best of it. For that reason, I will prepare a list of 5 First Experiences In Iceland You Should...

Best 5 Recommendations For a Southern Iceland Visit

Southern Iceland Visit
The South of Iceland is one of the most popular places for visitors in our country. The reason is there are several pearls concentrated in this place. Some of them can be a great representation of what Iceland has to offer. Of course nature is right in the spotlight, but there are also other activities to remark. stay to...

5 Best Coffee Shops In Reykjavik

Having a warm cup of coffee is a great pleasure for many. Although coffee does have some haters out there, Iceland in general is not one. Icelanders love coffee and coffee shops even more. Due to our weather, they offer a great sheltering place to chat and socialize in a warm and cozy environment. If you can’t go without coffee...

The Ultimate Shopping Guide: Supermarkets in Iceland

When traveling to a different country we are usually focused on airplane tickets, accommodation and sightseeing. We usually tend to forget about those things we do on a daily basis at home. In the case of traveling to our country, it is important to know about Supermarkets in Iceland. Iceland is a destiny that can be quite different from other...

Icelandic Food: Well Known Culinary Delights and Disasters

Icelandic Food
Are you interested in getting deep into a culture? Well, you must be aware that the best way to do so is getting to know the gastronomy of a certain place. Cooking means more than the mere pleasure of enjoying a tasty dish. It is sharing our culture, meeting others and convey our heritage. Oh! And of course… to...

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