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Iceland’s Growth as a Tourism Destination

Airport signs in both Icelandic and English as Iceland is now a touristic destination
Iceland has rapidly gained popularity among tourists. Statistics show that about 2.3 million people came to visit Iceland last year. This means there were almost 7 times more tourists than locals as the island is inhabited by just 334,000 people. The raw beauty of this country and unique landscapes are definitely a magnet attracting tourists from all over the...

Discover a New Experience With Seal Watching in Iceland

The wealth of Iceland is obviously its unique nature, mainly landscapes you will not see anywhere else. However, its richness is also in variety of animals and birds that exist here. Puffins and sheeps are not the only species that inspire admiration and are the goal of tourists. Seals, though modest and inconspicuous, arouse much admiration and many tourists...

Find Out The Enigma of Polar Bears in Iceland

Polar Bears Iceland
One would say, the answer to that question is very simple- no, there aren’t any polar bears in Iceland. Notwithstanding, few claim that polar bears have been indeed seen in our lovely land. Where is the truth then? Might be that Scotland has its Nessi, Himalaya has its Yeti and Iceland has… polar bears? Let’s have a closer look...

Horseback Riding Tours in Iceland – Icelandic Horses

Horseback Riding
To understand the unique experience of horseback riding and, let me explain you first a bit about the Icelandic horses, which are a native specie only grown in Iceland. This breed is believed to have born from Scandinavian ponies between ninth and tenth century. Soon it got spread in some other parts of the world as Europa or South America. However...

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