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Best Reykjavik Day Trips

Friends on a day trip from Reykjavik
You have been in Reykjavik for a few days, and your Icelandic adventure is coming to an end. Our capital city is filled with thrilling attractions, delightful restaurants, and captivating art galleries and studios. However, if you still have the travel itch before you depart, I urge you to rent a vehicle and take a day trip. Reykjavik may...

Is Iceland Family Friendly? The Importance of Social Context

Iceland is a great country for families
Our society is changing, and with it the way we convey our ideas, emotions and of course, how we commit to other people to create a family. These groups are a basic social unit that we, as human beings, cannot go without. Regardless of the type of family, we cannot deny these structures are highly affected by the environment...

Best Activities for Children in Iceland

Father with son on his shoulders walking towards Skogafoss waterfall
Planning any trip is already a bit difficult. You need to think carefully about your itinerary and many other little details. The complication factor increases when traveling with your little ones. You're probably wondering what to do with your kids in Iceland during their school break to make this an unforgettable trip for them. You want them to have...

Car Rental Holidays: Child Seat Legislation in Iceland

Child Seat Legislation in Iceland
Truth is we all love our children and we want the best for them. When renting a car, protection and security comes first, that also applies to our little ones. As many of you may be visiting Iceland soon, and of course, renting a vehicle; rules must plain to see. So we can clear up any doubt about this...

Hacks For Motorhome Iceland Camping With Kids

Motorhome Iceland Camping
Camping is one of our favorite activities in Iceland. As our country is all about nature, being close to it and being able to enjoy the landscape is a must. But we got to be honest, if we are traveling with kids, we need way more preparation…those who already have kids do not need further explanation. So here I...

Looking For The Best Iceland Family Holiday?

Iceland Family Holiday
The best way you can enjoy something is to do it with the people you love. If you were to describe Iceland with only one word you could use: adventure, ice, lava etc. Most of people think that Iceland is a place you go to with your adult Friends, adventurers. However, it comes out, this island is also a...

The Best Pools in West Iceland

Pools in West Iceland
To have a bath in a hot tub or geothermal pool is a must for every single tourist visiting Iceland. Here we will give you some of the best or most popular pools in West Iceland so you can plan your route! Remember all the natural hot springs in Iceland are public, but they might be on a private...

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