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All You Need to Know About Renting Camping Equipment in Iceland

Camping gear is available for rent in Reykjavik
Camping in Iceland is a popular way to see the country. On a Scandinavian island famous for its high prices, people are looking to save money any way they can. Opting out of a hotel and setting up a tent or using a campervan or motorhome and one of Iceland’s over 200 campgrounds is an economical way to explore...

Best Campervan Rental Companies in Iceland

Man looking out from his Iceland campervan rental
I can’t think of a better vacation than packing up a campervan and taking a road trip around Iceland’s Ring Road. You’ve got a home on four wheels, your closest companion (or companions!) and you’re ready to hit the open road. The adventures that await you, from glacier hikes on Vatnajökull to the majestic Northern Lights or the neverending...

How Windy Does It Really Get In Iceland?

Driving in Iceland during slightly windy, icy weather
One of the things that surprise first-time travelers to Iceland is how windy it can be. If you haven't read any of the travel boards or talked to someone who has visited, the Nordic island’s stronger than average gusts might catch you off-guard. People planning a trip to Iceland often research what the weather is like, average temperatures, rainfall,...

Car Rental, Campervan or Motorhome: What’s the Best Way to Travel in Iceland?

Driver behind the wheel of Iceland car or motorhome rental
Taking a road trip around Iceland’s Ring Road is a must on any savvy traveler’s bucket list. Renting a car and driving around the island to ooh and ahh at all at smoldering volcanoes, careening waterfalls, spewing geysers, gurgling hot springs, and some of the most exquisite landscapes you've ever seen is something you will remember for your whole...

Camper Van and Motorhome Rental in Iceland

Family with campervan rental in Iceland
Camper vans and motorhomes allow travelers to travel at their own pace and create a more authentic and unforgettable holiday experience. It should be noted that camper vans and motorhomes are not entirely the same thing. While both are RVs (recreational vehicles), they both have advantages and disadvantages. When people think of RVs they always think of motorhomes, but...

Hacks For Motorhome Iceland Camping With Kids

Motorhome Iceland Camping
Camping is one of our favorite activities in Iceland. As our country is all about nature, being close to it and being able to enjoy the landscape is a must. But we got to be honest, if we are traveling with kids, we need way more preparation…those who already have kids do not need further explanation. So here I...

Updated List For Camping Iceland in Winter!

Camping Iceland in Winter
As you would already have read, there is no perfect month to visit Iceland. Each time of the year has its own charm and typical activities. Many travellers come to this beautiful island searching for snowed and iced landscapes or the famous Northern lights. One of their most common question is “Where to stay during the winter time?” as...

Camping in Iceland – Water and Septic tank

In this blog we have talked about several ways of going doing a road trip around the country and one of the most requested topics has been either car rental or campervan. As strange as it may seem, the topic of emptying a septic tank or filling the water tank never came to my mind. And it is not like I...

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