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Top 10 Hostels In Iceland

The top 10 hostels in Iceland
Iceland is a stunning country characterized by contrasting wonders such as mysterious black sand beaches and snowy ice-capped mountains. This island nation is a must-see for people who want to experience adventure and appreciate natural beauty up close. Backpackers and travelers from all over the world have flocked to Iceland to see marvels like the dancing Northern Lights. This...

Do I Need a 4×4 Camper Rental in Iceland?

4x4 camper rental in Iceland's Highlands
A road trip around Iceland’s Ring Road in a camper van is the ultimate adventure. It’s great to disconnect for a while and get back to nature. You also have the chance to get up close and personal with those gorgeous landscapes Iceland is so well known for. But before booking your vehicle, you need to decide if 4x4...

All You Need to Know About Renting Camping Equipment in Iceland

Camping gear is available for rent in Reykjavik
Camping in Iceland is a popular way to see the country. On a Scandinavian island famous for its high prices, people are looking to save money any way they can. Opting out of a hotel and setting up a tent or using a campervan or motorhome and one of Iceland’s over 200 campgrounds is an economical way to explore...

What is Low Season in Iceland?

Svartifoss during Iceland's low season
For anyone planning a trip to Iceland, one of the first and most important questions to answer is what the best month to come. People's responses will vary widely depending on factors such as budget, time constraints, activities they want to participate in, and much more. Travelers looking to save money will often read on travel forums and blog...

Best Campervan Rental Companies in Iceland

Man looking out from his Iceland campervan rental
I can’t think of a better vacation than packing up a campervan and taking a road trip around Iceland’s Ring Road. You’ve got a home on four wheels, your closest companion (or companions!) and you’re ready to hit the open road. The adventures that await you, from glacier hikes on Vatnajökull to the majestic Northern Lights or the neverending...

WOW Citybikes: Reykjavik on Two Wheels

WOW citybikes has signature purple bikes to rent all around Reykjavik
Looking for a quick, cheap, easy, environmentally-friendly way to get around Reykjavik? Then look no further than WOW citybikes. For less than the price of a bus ticket, you can rent one of the airline company’s signature purple bikes for up to thirty minutes. With eight bike stations in the city, it’s easy to rent, ride, and return your...

Iceland Campervan and Motorhome Rental Amenities

What amenities come with motorhome and campervan rental in Iceland?
Renting a car, campervan, or motorhome and making your way around Iceland’s Ring Road on four wheels is an unforgettable adventure you won't soon forget. Once you've decided to embark upon this journey, there are some important decisions you have to make. In addition to planning your itinerary and deciding where you want to go and what you want...

Top 4 Reasons to Do an Iceland Campervan Road Trip

A couple enjoying breakfast during their Iceland campervan road trip
Let's just get right to it. There are certain things that should be on everyone's bucket list. If a campervan road trip through Iceland isn't on yours, get that list out right now and jot this one down. There are plenty of reasons to take a spin around Iceland’s Ring Road in a campervan, and we’ll cover some of...

Car Rental, Campervan or Motorhome: What’s the Best Way to Travel in Iceland?

Driver behind the wheel of Iceland car or motorhome rental
Taking a road trip around Iceland’s Ring Road is a must on any savvy traveler’s bucket list. Renting a car and driving around the island to ooh and ahh at all at smoldering volcanoes, careening waterfalls, spewing geysers, gurgling hot springs, and some of the most exquisite landscapes you've ever seen is something you will remember for your whole...

The Best Ways to Find Cheap Airfare To Iceland

Book cheap flights to Iceland with our tips
Let me just come out and say it: flying isn't always fun. Airlines set high prices for airfare, the rules about luggage are overly strict, and going through security can be a nightmare. In recent years Iceland has been a popular travel destination. Why? Iceland’s awesome, that's why! Buying a plane ticket shouldn't make you feel like you are...

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