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Iceland’s Awe-Inspiring Volcanoes

Iceland's volcanoes and lava flows
One of Iceland's nicknames is the land of Fire and Ice. It has earned this moniker due to the dramatic contrast of its landscapes. You will find icy glaciers sitting atop fiery volcanoes, black basalt columns next to mossy, green rocks, and much more. Fire is ever present in Iceland's volcanoes. While the small Nordic nation has a whopping...

Exploring North Iceland and the Diamond Circle

North Iceland's Hvitserkur troll rock formation
Move over Thailand. Iceland has quickly become one of the more in vogue travel destinations of the past few years and we completely get it.  Where to start? Fiery volcanoes, haunting lava fields, plunging waterfalls, ghostly ice caves, glaciers, and more. The list goes on. A lot of Iceland's most iconic destinations are in the southern part of the...

Top Iceland Tours – Discover the Best Tours Available

Iceland Tours
Iceland is a friendly country where you can explore on your own many towns, ports, beaches, cities and natural spots, but there are some places which are worth to visit with an experienced guide for safety seasons and also to get the most of it! That’s why we will make a list with the top Iceland Tours so you know...

Best Things to do While in Mývatn and Around

Mývatn lake name comes from the Icelandic “mý” which means tiny fly and “vatn” which means lake. This place located at the North of the island is full of little flies during summer. There also plenty of ducks feed by those little insects, so this area is really interesting for ornithologists. This beautiful lake located around 50km from Húsavík has...

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