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Iceland’s South Coast: Vík and Environs

Reynisfjara black sand beaches and basalt columns are Vik's signature natural attraction
The tourism industry in Iceland is booming. With over 2.2 million annual visitors, our small Nordic island has become a tourist hotspot, topping the bucket lists of travelers all around the globe. While some people come to Reykjavik for a few days, the majority of travelers who come to our shores are here for a different type of adventure:...

What is the Best Month to Visit Iceland?

Summer is one of the best times of the year to take an Iceland road trip.
Iceland's popularity as a tourism destination has grown exponentially over the last decade. Every year, more and more tourists touch down on our shores. There are tons of activities to do and plenty of natural attractions to see. And everything you're bound to experience depends heavily on the time of year you plan your trip. So what is the...

The Diamond Circle: Highlights of a Land Shaped by Fire

The Dimmuborgir lava fields feature strange and unusual lava rock formations
Volcanoes have shaped much of Iceland’s history and identity. They’ve also literally shaped the country’s landscapes, from the black sand beaches of Vik to the basalt columns of Svartifoss. Part of Iceland's Diamond Circle route features three different types of natural attractions related to these fiery giants. The turquoise Viti caldera in the Krafla volcanic fields shows us the...

Iceland in July – Best Summer Festivals

Outdoor music festival in Iceland
Iceland is a country that comes alive during summer. June, July and August are some of the best times to visit the country. In addition to seemingly endless sunlight, the small island nation is also bustling with activities and things to do. The weather in Iceland in July is ideal, and it shows. Icelanders have spent many of the...

Exploring North Iceland and the Diamond Circle

North Iceland's Hvitserkur troll rock formation
Move over Thailand. Iceland has quickly become one of the more in vogue travel destinations of the past few years and we completely get it.  Where to start? Fiery volcanoes, haunting lava fields, plunging waterfalls, ghostly ice caves, glaciers, and more. The list goes on. A lot of Iceland's most iconic destinations are in the southern part of the...

Reasons why you SHOULDN’T visit Iceland

No flying sign showing reasons not to visit Iceland
It's highly likely that the title of this article has left you a little confused. You usually find thousands of websites where they give you reasons to visit Iceland. Today we are going to do things a little bit differently. We're going to tell you some of the possible complications and side effects that come along with discovering the...

Iceland’s Best Luxury Hotels – Exclusive Accommodation

Sign for luxury hotels lit up
Let’s dive right in and discover Iceland’s best luxury hotels. They combine uniqueness, glamour, and comfort. As you know, Iceland is known for having a rich number of natural attractions. Tourists come every year to this island to experience them up close. The tourism industry is known to be a large source of income for Iceland, so you will...

The 2018 WOW Air Travel Guide Contest – Get Paid to Travel the World

Two best friends traveling the world with WOW Air flight
Imagine getting paid to travel the world with your bestie. Icelandic flight operator WOW Air is offering you the chance to do just that. The discount carrier is best known for offering cheap flights to Iceland. You may remember that a few years back they even offered $99 fares to Europe. Well, they're at it again with this new...

Top 5 Luxury Hotels In Iceland – The High End Experience

Luxury Hotels In Iceland
The first thing you need to know about hotels in Iceland is that they are a luxury good themselves. There are not many hotels so they are really demanded and prices are much higher than in other European countries. That is why some visitants opt for hostels and many others rent a camper or motorhome. These kinds of vehicles...

Bear This In Mind If You Rent a Car In Iceland – Amazing Savings

Rent a Car In Iceland
In my personal opinion to Rent a Car In Iceland is essential when planning to visit the island. This is a country known for its landscape, there are many places to explore. Even though the island is not huge, such places can be quite remote. Sometimes there are only two ways of reaching them. One would be by a private...

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