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The 2018 WOW Air Travel Guide Contest – Get Paid to Travel the World

Two best friends traveling the world with WOW Air flight
Imagine getting paid to travel the world with your bestie. Icelandic flight operator WOW Air is offering you the chance to do just that. The discount carrier is best known for offering cheap flights to Iceland. You may remember that a few years back they even offered $99 fares to Europe. Well, they're at it again with this new...

What can I do with my car at Keflavik International Airport?

View from car dashboard of plane landing at airport
Have you picked up your rental car at Keflavik Airport and now you’re not sure what to do? Or perhaps you need to pick up a friend at the airport and aren’t sure where to leave your car? Let’s talk about the different options for what to do with your car whether you are coming from or going to...

Icelandic Airlines and Travel Routes – Fly Away, Get Away!

Icelandic Airlines
Iceland, as you may already know, it located in the North Atlantic Ocean. And given that we are a tiny island, we need to find routes of transportation with other countries. Today’s fastest and more efficient ways of doing so is by plane. So as you probably will come to Iceland in one, check this Icelandic airlines and Travel...

A Stopover in Iceland – A Guide For a Tight Schedule

A Stopover in Iceland
Having a stopover between flights is something I guess most of us hate. It implies spending hours in an airport, bored, tired and wishing to make it home. Probably most people try to avoid this when booking their flights. But what if we turn all of this around? Can a stopover actually be great and fun? If you happen...

How To Get From Keflavik Airport To Reykjavik

From Keflavik Airport To Reykjavik
Keflavik International Airport (KEF) is the biggest airport which is located in Reykjanes peninsula. Sometimes it is also called International Airport of Reykjavik but remember not to mistake it with Reykjavik domestic airport. Keflavik Airport is in distance of 50m from Reykjavik- the capital. Reyjavik is in most cases the first stop on your list when coming to Iceland. Then,...

Easy Tricks To Rent A Car At Iceland Keflavik Airport

Rent A Car At Iceland Keflavik
When coming to Iceland, we need to be aware of the type of traveling we would like to have. The country is full of nature wonders and spots that are worth sightseeing. In our personal opinion as Icelanders, we think having your own vehicle is the most economical and time saving way to do so. Many do not know...

Domestic Airports and Flights to Iceland

Keflavik international airport is by far the best known airport in Iceland, but there are many other airports that are really important to link the different parts of the country. There are 33 main airports in Iceland –although there are around 90 airport runaways - , but only a few of them have passenger service on commercial airlines. We will...

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