Is the Reykjavik City Card Worth it?

Reykjavik City Card Gets You Savings

As the capital of Iceland, Reykjavik has the best of both worlds. It’s big enough to have that cosmopolitan vibe but not so large that you lose that small-town feel. With a lively nightlife and active cultural scene, Reykjavik City has plenty to see and do. One of the best ways to do it for less is with the Reykjavik City Card. You get discounts on tours, free entrance to museums, unlimited travel on city buses, reduced prices at select restaurants, and more.

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Reykjavik City Card Will Save You Money

While in Reykjavik City, you’ll never run out of cool activities and interesting sights. From the landscape-inspired Hallgrimskirkja Lutheran church to the Blue Lagoon, Iceland has many unique things to do. Are you a fan of the island’s Viking history? Check out the Saga Museum and the Settlement Exhibition. Sea lovers can visit both the Maritime Museum and the Whales of Iceland exhibition.

Fans of the Northern Lights and astronomy should put the Auroras exhibit and Perlan observatory at the top of their to-do list. And course you’ll have to take part in Icelandic bathing culture by visiting a geothermal spa or thermal pool.

And let’s not forget about the spectacular restaurants that you’ll find in the city’s capital. We’ve got Michelin-starred fine dining establishments and delicious Icelandic and Nordic cuisine.

What is the Reykjavik City Card?

This vibrant city has a lot going on during the year, from music festivals to concerts and cultural events. The city card gives you the chance to enrich your visit with these activities while you save money. In an already expensive country like Iceland, finding any way to save money is extremely helpful, which is why I recommend the card. Who doesn’t love getting discounts on restaurants and shopping while on holiday? It’s available for both children and adults, so families can also save.

The Reykjavik City Card 48-Hour Pass

How it Works

You’ll need to have a valid, activated card in hand to use the discounts. Unfortunately, you can’t use it retroactively or for online bookings. You show the card to the vendor at the time of payment in order to get money off. If you’re going to a museum, art gallery, or exhibition, show it to the ticket office and you’ll get in for free. All you have to do is pick up your card at one of the sales points

Free Entrance With the City Card

Check their website for a full list of discounts and free places, such as museums and galleries, that are included. Entrance to many museums is free, so take advantage while you are here to have a cultural visit.

Here are some highlights:

  • Free entrance to thirteen museums and galleries including the Museum of Photography, the Maritime Museum, the National Museum of Iceland, the National History Museum, and the Settlement Exhibition, Reykjavik Art Museum, and the National Gallery.
  • Free admission to public swimming pools and thermal pools.
  • Free tour of the Reykjavik Zoo and Family Park.
  • Free transport on the ferry to Viðey Island and unlimited travel on city buses within the Reykjavik Capital area.

Discounts With the Card

  • Reduced prices from 10-50% on private museums and exhibitions
  • Discounts for tours and attractions.
  • Reduced prices on purchases at select stores such as the Icelandic Handknitting Association and the Nordic House.
  • 10-15% off at restaurants, bars and fine dining in the capital like Kopar Restaurant, Reykjavik Restaurant, Rossopomodoro, Höfnin Restaurant, and Bar Lebowski.

Where to Buy It

It’s quite easy to obtain the Reykjavik City Card. They sell it at 36 different locations around town including the city hall, the tourist information center, What’s On, and the Reykjavik Service Center. If you are staying at Reykjavik campsite, they sell them there as well. You’ll also be able to pick one up at certain vendors that accept it, like the Maritime Museum or the Settlement Exhibition or popular sightseeing locations like Harpa Concert Hall. You can also purchase it at several hotels and hostels such as the Grandhotel, Fosshotel Reykjavik, KEX hostel, or Loft Hostel.

Harpa Concert Hall Is A Reykjavik City Card Purchase Point

Purchasing it online before you arrive and pick it up once your flight has landed and you’re in the city center is also a possibility.

Prices For The Card

The price of your city card depends on your age and how many days you plan on using it for. They sell the card in increments of 24, 48, or 72 hours there is a children’s city card as well.

Prices For Adults

  • A card for 24 hours is 3.900 ISK ($31 or 28€)
  • A card for 48 hours is 5.500 ISK ($44 USD or 39€)
  • A card for 72 hours is 6.700 ISK ($53 USD or 47€)

Prices for Children

The reduced price is available for travelers up to 15 years of age and is as follows:

  • A card for 24 hours is 1.600 ISK ($13 or 11€)
  • A card for 48 hours is 2.600 ISK ($21 USD or 18€)
  • A card for 72 hours is 3.500 ISK ($28 USD or 25€)

This is a great option as you’ll save money with free or reduced entrance fees for children. Unfortunately, children from 16 to 18 years have to get an adult card.

Is the Reykjavik City Card Worth it?

You should absolutely pick up a Reykjavik City Card. It’s an affordable and eco-friendly way to see the city and enjoy all that our very special town has to offer. Reykjavik is an energetic city with a unique cultural scene and vibrant personality. You’ll get to pack in discounts while sightseeing at all of your favorite locations and might even discover a few new locations.

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