Reykjanes Peninsula, one of the wonders of Iceland

Reykjanes Peninsula

The Reykjanes Peninsula is located at the southwestern part of the island. There is an active volcanic system under the surface of the peninsula. You will visit geothermal areas, lava caves and will be right in the middle between two continents.

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The peninsula is very accessible all year round and most of the attractions are just a quick ride away from the Keflavik International Airport, which is also in Reykjanes. Just one hour away from the capital, Reykjanes is the country’s most interesting geological location with plenty of bird life, astonishing cliffs, and black sand beaches.

Reykjanes Peninsula

What to do?

Reykjanes Unesco global Geopark

This peninsula is a geopark on its own and only here the Mid-Atlantic Ridge is visible above the sea level. Many important geological formations have been created here such as volcanoes but don’t worry, the last eruptions ended around AD 1250. Lava stacks are common as well as craters. Earthquakes are frequent here because f the spreading of the two plates although they are minor and we can’t even feel them most f the times.

Reykjanes Peninsula

Svartsengi and Blue Lagoon

This places is one of the five major high temperature areas of the peninsula. It supplies hot water to all the communities at Reykjanes Peninsula and also is the reason of the Blue Lagoon formation.

The water from Blue Lagoon comes from the discharge from the power station of Svartsengi. You can get some more information about the Spa and thermal area of Blue Lagoon on their website.


Grandavík is an old fishing town with a beautiful harbor where you can see daily the fishermen comings back from the sea and also retired fishermen just walking around and having a look, it’s a great stamp.

This town has a campsite, swimming pool and many restaurants where you can eat authentic fresh fish. It’s worth to visit the Magma house of culture where you will one exhibition about the saltfish industry. Don’t leave Grindavík before visiting the Hopsnes Lighthouse and practice some trekking in the area just next to the shore where many shipwrecks are still visible.


Just 5 minutes away from Keflavik airport, we find the Icelandic museum of rock and roll, where you will find history of rock and pop music in Iceland. You will get to know all about Icelandic artists and groups such as Björk, Sigur Rós, Of monsters and men and much more. You can try some instruments and there is even a karaoke room!

Reykjanes Peninsula

Viking World Museum

There you can have a better understanding of the predecessor of Icelandic population and will find information about Viking’s sagas, and even get into a Viking sheep! This museum is located really close to the airport, with food and beverage for all the tastes.

Duus Museum

It’s the art and cultural center of Reykjanes Peninsula with eight exhibition halls. They are different old house connected together that cover art, history and nature. This museum is located just next to the Marina and surrounded by cliffs. It’s a wonderful place to have a walk around. You can find some more information here.

Where to stay in Reykjanes Peninsula?

Hotels and Guest Houses

You will find accommodation options from the most economical to really luxury boutique hotels. The Silica Hotel is located just next to the Blue Lagoon, there are also many “airport hotels” in the area and cozy family-run hotels as the beautiful Hótel Berg. In addition there is a wide range of B&Bs and guest houses as well as hostels. You might not even think about it, but sleeping in a cottage can be an amazing experience if traveling with your family.


Camping is one of the favorite accommodation choices in Iceland. There are campsites all over the island and most of them are open only in summer season. Gardskagi is probably the most beautiful camping in Reykjanes Peninsula, located by the lighthouse in Garður.

If you are looking for an original and cheap accommodation choice. Have a look at the different guesthouses and farmer’s lodges that offer sleeping bag accommodation as the Lava hostel.

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