Cool Outdoor Activity: Private Bike Tours in Reykjavik

Private Bike Tours In Reykjavik For Any Iceland Travelers Who Would Like To Join This Green Option

It’s no secret that Reykjavik is incredible. Stunning. With each passing year, the city continues to grow with a steady influx of tourists. If you are coming to visit us for the first time, be prepared to experience a lively art scene, colorful wooden buildings, and delicious food. Getting the lay of the land is the first thing that I do when visiting a new city. I don’t want to waste time with my eyes glued to Google maps as I go in circles. And I don’t want you to either. So, if you have a little extra cash and want to see as much of the city as possible, I recommend going on one of the various private bike tours in Reykjavik.

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Picture Of A Bike For Private Bike Tours In Reykjavik


Our beloved capital city has come along way. In our past, cyclists would often remark on how bumpy the roads were, and how the motorists weren’t too accepting of pedestrians opting for two wheels, instead of two legs. Now, the situation couldn’t be further from that reality. Nothing echoes this point more clearly than the fact that last year WOW airlines rolled out “WOW Citybike.”

WOWcitybike is a ride-sharing program that provides participants with a variety of different pricing options for renting one of their stellar bikes. You may be scratching your head and wondering what WOWcitybikes has to do with private tours. Trust me, they go hand in hand. We will get to that later though

Bike Tours in Reykjavik: Getting the Lay of the Land

The main reason I think you should take a bike tour, as I said previously, is to get a better idea of how Reykjavik is laid out. Once you know how to traverse the city with ease, you can check out the locations you have been researching.  I don’t know about you, but I would rather not waste time when visiting Reykjavik trying to figure out the best activities and things to do. Also, there is an added bonus with taking a private bike tour: insider knowledge.

Reykjavik City Panoramic Where Private Bike Tours In Reykjavik Have Their Business

Private Bike Tours in Reykjavik Bonus: Tips and Tricks 

All of the tour guides in the city of Reykjavik are highly knowledgeable and friendly people. When you are on the cycling tour, the guides will provide you with tons of historical facts, necessary information about Reykjavik, restaurant recommendations, and insider tips. For me, tips from locals are the keys to ensuring that your trip will be as an enjoyable as possible. At the end of the tour, just go up to your guide if you have any questions. If they don’t know where to find something, then it probably doesn’t exist in Iceland.

Extra Sunlight and Taking A Private Bike Tour in Iceland 

Another practical reason why you should take a private bike tour in Iceland comes in the form of our abundance of natural light in the summer. It should go without saying that cycling is a must in the summer, and is near impossible in the winter. But, what better way to take advantage of all that extra sun than on a leisurely bike ride through the city. With that extra time, the possibilities for what how much of Reykjavik you can explore is basically endless.

WOWairlines and Private Bike Tours

You have probably been wondering how WOWairlines ties back into taking a private bike tour in Reykjavik. Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten. Bike tours in our capital are relatively cheap, and they provide you with a wealth of information, that would otherwise take a ton of research and time to find. So, after the bike tour do you simply go back to walking the whole time? No! This is what I recommend for my personal friends who are visiting Reykjavik for the first time.

Bike Lane For Private Bike Tours In Reykjavik And Anyone Who Wants To Bike

Book a private bike tour. While exploring, mark exciting places that you want to learn more about, with either Apple Maps or Google Maps. Gain whatever extra insights from the guide at the end of the tour (where to shop, where to eat, etc.). Then, register for a one-day WOWcitybike pass. Utilizing the notes you took in your map application and all of the information generated from the private tour, you can set off on your own adventure. You will know your way around town, you can return to places you passed by too quickly, and snap some photos. Afterward, you can head straight to a restaurant, instead of wandering aimlessly. You will save time and money in the long end.

Private Bike Tours in Reykjavik 

There is nothing worse than looking back on a trip and remembering a place or location you forgot to check out. I have traveled extensively through the United States, and I often think about the places I forgot to return to or places I could have taken another photo at. Avoid that on your trip to Reykjavik. I want everyone who comes here to feel like they explored the city to its fullest, and they left no stone unturned. Take my advice: go on a private bike tour. You will learn the city like the back of your hand, and that’ll allow you to have more time to try our local cuisine, take more photos, and create more memories.

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