Winter is around the corner already here in Iceland. I mean that in theory as it is basically already making its guest appearance. When the cold weather and the desire of going out, have fun, clear your thoughts and fill up your tummy comes, you need something like this. And what is that? Well, I am talking about the Lebowski Bar, an amazing leisure stop in Reykjavik.

Lebowski Bar

Lebowski is just not some random Russian or East European guy. This surname may sound familiar for many of you, movie lovers. Have you heard about “The Big Lebowski”? This movie was produced and filmed by the Cohen brothers back in 1998. This comedy aims to convey not a personal history but the protagonist’s attitude towards life. He is such a train wreck but nothing, not even a white Russian cocktail, can knock him down.

This whole world and environment is present at the Lebowski Bar. When you come in, you will immediately notice it is a bowling themed bar. It will completely take you back to the movie. If you have not seen it, that is Ok! You can still enjoy a whole new experience far from what you have seen in Iceland before.

Jeff Lebowski drinks White Russian cocktails constantly and you can also intend to do that at the bar. It is actually the house drink of the Lebowski Bar; it could not be in any other way. Besides alcoholic beverages, you also have a whole menu to choose from. All type of burgers, Chicken wings, Onion rings and all kind of American dinner-like options. The bar is children friendly and a kid’s menu is also offered to the clients.

Lebowski Bar

Sounds good right? Well there are far more options to enjoy while at the Lebowski. A movie Quiz is held every week, not just about “The Big Lebowski” but any movie. From Star Wars to Harry Potter, themed quizzes such as Valentine’s day or Sci-Fi. Football (soccer for my American readers out there) matches are also displayed at the bar. It might be an American themed bar but we are in Iceland and we love football over here!

The Lebowski bar is located al Laugavegur 20B and opens from Sunday to Thursday from 11:00 to 01:00 and Friday and Saturdays from 11:00-04:00. As you can see, you got plenty of time to enjoy. The atmosphere changes according to the time frame you visit the bar. At noon and in the afternoon, it is a great place to chat, chill and eat. Whether you come with family, friends or kids. Later at night, it is an amazing venue to rock, have fun, have some shots and go wild!

Lebowski Bar

The Lebowski Bar – The Reykjavik Venue That Rocks!

The bar is also divided into four different sections and it is so big it can hold up to 300 people for food and drink. So If you are planning a break in Iceland with many friends, wants to celebrate something and would like to find a place to fit all of you, then this is the place to go.

Now you know one of the most fun restaurant bar you can find in Reykjavik. If you have not made it to Iceland yet, grab some pop corns and plan a move night…The dude is awaiting you! (watch the movie, you will understand what I just said).

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