Travelers come to Iceland for grand adventure, awe-inspiring views, and to create memories of a lifetime. What’s cooler than spending the night inside a transparent Iceland igloo hotel looking up at the stunning Aurora Borealis? This is an experience you will never forget. You will be mesmerized by the peaceful glow of the Icelandic starry sky and feel immersed in nature. 

The bubble Iceland igloo hotel

Iceland Igloo Hotel

Bubble igloo hotels in Iceland provides deep wish fulfillment by transporting you from city life into the wild. At any season or time of the year you visit Iceland, the Igloo Hotels will deliver. In the winter you can enjoy the dancing Northern Lights while in summer you can witness the captivating Midnight Sun. What are you waiting for? Pack a bag and drive into the untamed forest for a night under the sky. 

Bubble Igloo Hotel in Iceland

So, what exactly is a Bubble igloo hotel in Iceland? The “bubbles” are a completely see-through and inflatable structure derived from fire-resistant PVC tarpaulin. They are made in the shape of an igloo and are nestled in wooded but undisclosed locations. After your tour reservation is booked you will receive directions to meet a guide. The guide will take you as the last tour stop to your intimate bubble hotel and a night under the stars.

Once you arrive at your destination and find your hotel you will see that it is truly transparent. But don’t be alarmed, each bubble igloo will have enough wooded coverage to facilitate privacy. Some bubbles will also have a white panel wrapped around the base of the walls to cover the bed from view. However, the ceiling and rest of the walls will be clear so you can feel surrounded by nature’s beauty. A night in the forest inside a bubble igloo will be a transcendent and peaceful experience. 

The interior has a minimalist design to give you a glamping (glam camping) aesthetic. Bubble igloos include a comfy double bed for two adults, small lamps, charging power strips and even a space heater. The bubble is kept inflated by an efficient and soundless ventilation system. It keeps the bubble warm and regulates the temperature so it can be cozy even in the winter.

Now I’m sure the question of the hour is where can I use the bathroom and shower? Have no fear, the 5 Million Dollar Hotel has you covered. All of the unique igloo bubbles are a short walking distance from a facility that has bathrooms and showers. 

How Can You Book A Bubble Igloo?

The Bubble Igloo Hotel in Iceland is called The 5 Million Star Hotel and you can make a reservation on this website. You can only make a reservation by booking the Golden Circle or the South Coast Tour in winter or summer. 

The price is 59,900 ISK (483 USD) per person. There is an additional fee of 29,950 ISK (241 USD) if you travel solo. On the date of your tour, you will be picked up and dropped off in Reykjavik in a luxurious suburban SUV. Food is not included but you will be taken to places for breakfast and dinner.

Iceland igloo hotel bubble in winter

Golden Circle Tour

When you book the Golden Circle tour in winter or summer you are in for a lovely treat. There are five stops on the tour. First, you will visit the famous national park called Thingvellir. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is called “Parliament Fields.” You can also see the separation of two continental tectonic plates. 

The next stop is the well-known Geysir hot spring area that inspired the name for geysers all over the world. Then you will see the glorious Gullfoss Waterfall that looks like a heavenly two-step staircase.  The last stop before the Bubble Hotel is dinner and the Secret Lagoon. You can take a relaxing and otherworldly bath in this natural hot spring. Afterward, you can finally lay down to see the whimsical night sky in one of the nine Golden Circle bubbles.

South Coast Tour 

On the South Coast Tour you will experience sites that are definite must-sees in Iceland. There are four stops and the first one is at Seljalandsfoss waterfall. This waterfall has breathtaking views and stands at 65m high (213ft). You can even walk a steep staircase to see behind the waterfall to capture a rainbow photo effect. Be sure to wear a raincoat to protect your clothes from getting wet. 

The second stop is the powerful Skogafoss waterfall. In addition to great views, you can observe several bird species nested in the cliffs and see stray farm sheep. On stop three you will visit the hypnotizing Black Sand Beach called Reynisfjara, located in a small coastal town called Vik. In 1991 it was voted one of the Top 10 non-tropical beaches to see in the world.

However, it’s not advised to go swimming at Reynisfjara because the water is too cold and dangerous. You can enjoy the sheer beauty of the gigantic basalt stack structures, the midnight black sand, and take stunning photos. The backdrop will be one for the record books. 

Then at long last after dinner, you can get comfortable in your bubble igloo hotel. Keep in mind there are only six bubble hotels in the South Coast area, so book in advance. 

Watching the Northern Lights

Iceland has steadily become the preferred location to see the Northern Lights. It’s not as cold as Canada, Finland, Norway or Sweden and the lights are also more vibrant in comparison. 

Therefore, watching the Northern Lights is one of the most popular activities in Iceland. The vibrant Northern Lights, also known as the dancing Aurora Borealis, are a phenomenon that makes you marvel in awe. It is naturally occurring and caused by many electrically charged particles from the sun crashing into the Earth’s atmosphere. These particles are then moving in the magnetic field between the northern and southern poles causing a light display. 

4x4 camper rental Iceland Northern LightsThe rich green, red, and blue colors are vividly splashed across the Arctic Circle sky and move in a horseshoe pattern. This natural wonder occurs regularly throughout the Arctic region. In your bubble, the glass roof provides the best way to view the Northern Lights from your cozy bed. You can stand outside and look up at the sky then go back inside your igloo and see it from that perspective. 

You just need an evening devoid of city lights and cloud-free skies at the right time of the year. Another pro tip is to avoid seeking the lights when there is a full moon. The light can drown out the colors. 

Peak viewing time to see the lights is between fall and winter, specifically September to March. In fall, the nights are long but not too cold to stand outside. During the winter season such as the winter solstice, the dark nights can be up to 19 hours long. 

Don’t wait to book a bubble hotel because the ultimate Iceland experience awaits you. What better way to take in the twirling Northern Lights? Sleep under the stars close to nature and create lasting memories.

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