It is not hard to notice that every country has their own economic structure where a certain sector stands out. An activity they excel at and that slowly turned into a huge part of their culture and main sustenance. So, what about our country? Well, we can proudly say that we have great Iceland Fisheries. This activity has been around for centuries! Do you want to know more about it? Then get comfy, we are about to start!

Iceland Fisheries

From the very beginning, Iceland has been linked to the oceans and what they offer to us. The Vikings, who were our first settlers, lived by the coast of Scandinavia. There, fishing played a significant and large role for their economy. It is not hard to imagine why…the weather was, and is still tough. Farming crops on freezing soil was not an easy task at all. On the other hand, oceans had plenty of food that could be caught in one day. That is why the Vikings became skilled seafarers who brought their tradition to our country.

If you come to visit Iceland, you will soon notice that our people may live with their feet on our ground, but our mind is always set on the ocean. From there, we get the freshest seafood, excellent products for the fashion industry and a profitable exporting business. The fishing industry in Iceland is huge, almost every tiny village is a fishing one. Also big cities such as Reykjavik have their fishing port and their own fleet.

Iceland’s interior is inhospitable and rough, that is why most villages in Iceland are right by the seashore. Climate is attenuated in such areas and it is easier to get fresh fish every day. This way, Iceland fisheries changed from a local network to an international acclaimed brand of high quality seafood goods. The Ministry of Iceland Fisheries and Agriculture worked along the fishermen of Iceland to improve the process of fish catching. The result of this know how is the increase of the demand of the Icelandic product.

Iceland Fisheries

Sustainability played a huge part in the process. We need to maintain and keep the fish stock and their environment in mint conditions. This way, the quality requirements are met and fish can still be our primary source for years to come. In the fishing industry in Iceland, there are certifications that recognize the commercial work of several fisheries. In order to get this certification, many standards and requirements must be met.

This sustainability process is applied to the 758.000 km2 of fishing zone that belongs to Iceland. It is actually big but also one of the richest areas in the world. The Fishing Industry in Iceland contributed 11% to the GDP and about 8000 people is employed in such business or linked to it. When you come to Iceland, rest assure that you will enjoy one of the freshest seafood out there. Amazing quality is certified as well as marine environmental maintenance.

Iceland Fisheries

Iceland Fisheries and The Country’s Economy

Cod fish is widely available in our waters, and they are very large! Other options are haddock and catfish. This last one comes directly from the West Fjords. Now you have no excuses! You can now be the last link of the chain: the final consumer of an amazing, tasty and fresh Icelandic fish plate!

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