Driving in Iceland: How Much Does Gas Cost?

How Much Does Gas Cost In Iceland?

When putting together a budget for your Iceland road trip, there are several things to keep in mind. You need to figure out the cost of hotel and car rental, or campervan and motorhome rental if you decide to go that route. Whichever option you choose, the price of fuel will also take up a large swath of your budget. Iceland is an expensive country, and you need to keep this in mind when setting aside money for your trip. So how much does gas cost in Iceland? How much would a 7-day road trip around Iceland set you back? And what else should you know about gas stations here? Did you know you need a PIN, even for credit cards? Let’s dive in and learn more about diesel prices in Iceland, fuel calculators, and some tips for fueling up while on the road.

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Gas Stations Can Be Few And Far Between In Iceland. How Much Does Gas Cost?

Fuel Prices: How Much Does Gas Cost in Iceland?

While prices fluctuate, the most recent estimates we have are from late summer through December of this year. The average cost of a liter of petrol (gasoline) was around 228 ISK or $1.85 USD or 1,63€. This works out to around $7 per gallon. Fuel taxes are quite hight here. If you’re driving around Iceland’s Ring road, you’ll need to see much mileage your vehicle gets. A quick Google search will usually yield the results you’re looking for. When filling up your tank in Iceland, here are some guidelines for the fuel capacity:

Rental cars: 55-70 liters depending on the size of the vehicle
Campervans: 60-70 liters depending on the make and model
Motorhomes: 80 liters, but there are larger motorhomes with larger gas tanks.

Here’s a handy fuel calculator to help give you an idea of fuel costs in Iceland for standard size rental vehicles like a Toyota Corolla or Volkswagen Golf. And just for reference, the Ring Road is 828 miles (1,332 km) long. If you’re driving around Iceland, you’ll need to cover at least this much mileage, not including side trips or day trips.

Gas Prices In Iceland Cost A Lot Of Krona

Gas Stations in Iceland

One of the good things about the gas stations in Iceland is that they more or less have the same prices. A piece of advice that I want to give you is to plan your gas station stops in advance. There many stretches of highway in Iceland, including the country’s principal road Route 1, that are quite remote. The last thing you want while driving in Iceland is to enter into panic mode because the fuel light has turned red and you’re inching dangerously close to E on the gas meter. Gas stations can be few and far between, especially in the less inhabited zones of the country. And by few and far between, I mean 150 miles (243 km) apart. If you see an N1 gas station or any other chain, take advantage and fill up your tank.

Gas In Iceland Is Expensive, But Fill Up As Often As You Can

Another important tip is to know your credit card PIN. Most people associate PINs with debit cards, but they are also issued by credit cards. Regardless of the type of card you’re using, you’ll need a PIN when pumping gas at gas stations in Iceland. You can also get a gas card and pay in advance. There are some un-manned gas stations in remote areas. Most of the time you’ll have the option of interacting with someone or using an automatic fuel dispenser.

Driving in Iceland: How Much Does Gas Cost?

While gas prices fluctuate, at the time this article was written, average fuel prices in Iceland were around $1.85 USD (228 ISK) per liter or $7 a gallon. It’s definitely not cheap, but it is an important cost to consider when planning your trip. Try to find out the approximate mileage of your rental vehicle and estimate accordingly.

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