Iceland Car Rental: all you need to know

Iceland Car Rental

Would you like to discover Iceland on your own? Well, one of the best options you can think of is to rent a car and discover the country in a completely free and independent way. So you can start safely your self-drive tour adventure, we are giving you the best tips and tricks for rentals in this Iceland Car Rental: All you need to know article.

Best car rental in Iceland

Iceland Car Rental

A rental car is – as the name implies – a vehicle, which you can borrow for a certain period of time and price from a provider of your choice. This option offers many advantages for the traveller as it allows you to explore every corner at your own pace. It does not mean it is as simple as that, there are several things you should take into account before renting the perfect vehicle with the best company and they are all here in this Car Hire Iceland: All you need to know post.

Where can I rent my car?

Here in Iceland, most rental companies are based in Reykjavik and Keflavik, which is about 50km away from the capital and it is where the international airport is located. We highly recommend our readers to easily book online: you will get better prices, lower the chances of finding yourself with no availability at all and, of course, you will be able to check every detail thoroughly with no rush.

We do know there are many different companies on the internet offering many different vehicles, extras and prices. This can drive anyone nuts so keep your head, Iceland Car Rental: All you need to know is here to help!

  • Check for reviews: opinions from real clients are very important to get an idea of the service provided by a certain company but beware, they can also be misleading. Some review sites such Tripadvisor are under fire after fraud has been detected on their ratings. Not everything is as good or as bad as it seems. You can use verified user opinion sites such as: Google Reviews, Trustpilot and well-known traveler blogs such as Iceland24 or the worldwide known Lonely Planet.
  • Consider local companies: Business giants are not the only option. I know that knowing a certain franchise available also in your home country is reassuring but there are many local companies in Iceland that offer great prices and service, give them a go!

As we constantly get asked about the best options, we made a ranking of the best rental companies in Iceland be sure to check that post too!

Iceland Car Rental

Iceland Car Rental

What to keep in mind when renting?

Do not get too excited too fast just because wow, the cheapest price you have ever seen in your whole life is right in front of your eyes. Hold on there! As we anticipated in this Iceland Car Rental: All you need to know, there are several things to take into account:

  • What is included in the price? Configuration for basic rentals may vary a lot depending on the company and year model of the vehicle. It is important to know if the price given is the final price and that there are no hidden costs. To avoid surprises or scams, be sure to check these points:
  • How many kilometers are included? Some companies offer unlimited km/mileage while others have a limited kilometer rule and you may find a surcharge later on for any extra kilometer you drove.
  • Insurances: this is probably one of the most important points to check. Make sure that at least the CDW basic insurance is included. In Iceland, cero self-risk deductible insurances are rarely offered. The maximum deductible is set by the Icelandic law and it can be lowered down considerably by adding a SCDW insurance. Due to Iceland’s road and weather conditions, there are also special insurances you should know about, please check them at our last Car Rental post regarding this matter.
  • Terms and Conditions: Everything regarding rental services is detailed in this section. Not many people take the time to read them carefully and that is such a huge mistake! It will not only prevent nasty surprises but they will also inform you about certain rights you may not know about.

Iceland Car Rental: All you need to know final tips:

  • When choosing your vehicle, try to keep in mind is: size and luggage capacity. Going around Iceland can be a long trip and therefore it is essential to travel comfortably.
  • For F-road driving, a 4×4 is required.
  • Most rental companies accept debit and credit card as a payment method. Credit Cards, for most companies, are compulsory as they use it as a guarantee for your rental. Please check with your company if they block any amount from your credit card or if they only take and imprint of it.
  • Check the minimum age and license requirement for any rental.
  • In case of damage, do not repair anything without the express consent of the provider.
  • Always check the vehicle carefully when picking up and returning it.

Iceland Car Rental

We hope you enjoyed this Iceland Car Rental: All you need to know post. Now you can wander around Iceland free of any concern with your fabulous rental vehicle!

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