Iceland is currently listed in the top 8 northernmost countries in the world but its location is not the only surprise about this land. Iceland as we knew it today, is the consequence of centuries of volcanic activity and glaciers molding the land. Creating amazing landscapes and opportunities to enjoy the wildest form of nature. One worth mentioning is Diving the Silfra fissure in Iceland.

Diving the Silfra fissure in Iceland.

A fissure, in geological terms, is a narrow division or a crack of a rock or any geological formation. The mid-Atlantic ridge – where two large tectonic plates meet- crosses Iceland all the way. This is because lava coming from between the Eurasian plate and the North American plate created this beautiful country. In the south coast is where the space between both plates is visible nowadays. Silfra in Thingvellir National Park is one of those places we are introducing in this Diving the Silfra fissure in Iceland post.

Scuba diving is such a relaxing and great activity. It allows you to see the magic of the underwater life. Fishes and vegetation of the area roam around while you float on water. In order to see what the nature has to offer us underwater, visibility is one of the most important variables. In scuba diving it is important too, but it is not always easy.  Water in pools is usually crystal clear because it is treated with chlorine and filtered. Water in a non-treated state is full of particles, sediment and plankton creating reduced visibility for divers. This is not the case of Diving the Silfra fissure in Iceland.

Diving the Silfra fissure in Iceland

The Silfra fissure is located in the Þingvellir National Park and by the Þingvallavatn glacier lake. The lake water filters through the rocks underneath and fill in the crack. Most experts say it is the world’s clearest water. Diving the Silfra fissure in Iceland has become a top experience for any diver not only because of its geological importance as divers literally swim between two continents but because of its visibility range. In Silfra, visibility can be of up to 100 meters which is quite rare, it seems like there is not even water there but just air!

The Diving the Silfra fissure in Iceland is narrow and with both deep and more flat areas all along the diving zone. Bear in mind that the water that fills this fissure comes from a glacier, therefore it is freezing cold! There are not many fishes around but you will get to see algae growing on the rocks. This amazing trip begins in the National Park and will directly lead you to the Þingvallavatn lake. Here water gets mixed but visibility is still amazing.

Diving the Silfra fissure in Iceland

Diving the Silfra fissure in Iceland

Not many people know about this activity. Most tourist do not come prepared with equipment in case they wish to dive in. This is not something you should worry about as there are many companies that offer all-inclusive dive tours. This services includes dry suits, undergarments, gloves, hoods as well as any device needed for Diving the Silfra fissure in Iceland. If you do not happen to have taken any diving course, you can still enjoy these magnificent waters by taking a snorkeling tour!

Enjoy one of the world’s most exceptional diving sites, and it is right here in Iceland!

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