Cycling in Iceland: Best Route Options while Cycling around Iceland

Cycling In Iceland

Spring is already around the corner and it’s one of the best times to visit Iceland. I do believe that as the temperature tends to get milder our desire to go out and enjoy the outdoors grows exponentially. There are many activities one can do in Iceland during the winter. But now I will introduce you to a fantastic alternative to do in the warmer seasons, welcome to our best route options while cycling in Iceland post!

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Enjoy the trip and happy Cycling!

We all know that practicing sports or doing physical activity is something very important for our own health, body and mind. Sports are quite popular in Iceland, people all around the country practice different types of games from the most traditional handball to riskier and fascinating ones such as climbing snowed peaks during the cold weather. If you really do not want to be out there with freezing temperatures in order to have fun and enjoy our landscapes but you still fancy mixing tourism with healthy outdoor activities, then you better read through our best route options while cycling in Iceland as it has many interesting tips for you.

Cycling In Iceland

Cycling is great for your heart and blood circulation, it also stimulates your metabolism and allows you to enjoy whatever scenery you are going through. Cycling in Iceland does not have to be tough and exhausting, it can also be done in a slow enjoyable pace with the right preparation and planning. We have the best route options while cycling in Iceland right here, check them out:

1. Short Stay in Iceland, Road Bike – Reykjavik Route:

This is a great route if you do not have enough time or equipment to go any further in the island. This is an easy 42 km route that surrounds Reykjavik City. We had not chosen a route that would take you into the downtown because sadly, Reykjavik is not exactly the most bike-friendly city out there. You can ride on the streets but we really do not recommend it as the traffic can sometimes be bothersome. Please do not get us wrong, this route is still quite enjoyable. You will be riding along the coast taking pleasure on the ocean breeze!

Cycling In Iceland

2. Mixing agency tours with this best route options while cycling in Iceland

If you happen to be taking any one-day tour to Landmannalaugar or the South Coast of Iceland, did you know you can also use hiking trails with your mountain bike? Many tour operators allow bikes on their buses, you can ask your agency if that is possible for you too. The most well-known trail is Laugavegurin, this 50 km route can easily be done in just one day so you can use your bus trip as a shuttle from and back to Reykjavik.

If you want to spend more time enjoying this beautiful landscape, there are also special cycling tours available for 2-3 days and up.

Cycling In Iceland

3. Around Iceland in your bike

This route can be considered as a one in a lifetime experience. Cycling in Iceland may not always be easiest thing to do but it is well worth it. That is why we have included this amazing long route in our best route options while cycling in Iceland article. This is a 1363 km trail so you might as well be prepared! Keep in mind that in Iceland bike tracks are not that common outside cities so you will be sharing the road along with other vehicles. Do not forget a map, GPS, tools and bike equipment as distances can be long and hilly terrain can be expected in many areas.

Cycling in Iceland

  • The wind: we have said this million times, Iceland is a windy country and this can be counter-productive for your progress. Before getting on the road, please check the weather forecast.
  • Places to stay: This is a long route that crosses many remote areas, please plan ahead where you are going to stay for the night so you do not find yourself stranded in the middle of nowhere.
  • Security comes first: add the 112 app to your cell phone. This allows you to send emergency texts with your localization if something happens while on route.

There are many places where you can rent bikes for all ages, sizes and needs. From the typical urban bike to fat MTB and even BMX. To rent mountain bikes in Iceland you can check in places like Hike Bike in Lake Myvatn.

Cycling In Iceland

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