Campervan Iceland: Ranking Top 5 Campervan Rental Companies in Iceland

Campervan Iceland

As an Icelander, I get asked multiple questions about Iceland all the time: where to eat, which places should I visit, where can I buy some Icelandic sweaters… and so on. But probably one that I get asked constantly is how should I go across the country? So that is why I am writing this Campervan Iceland: ranking top 5 campervan rental companies in Iceland… I guess you already get the idea!

Best car rental in Iceland

Campervan Iceland

This country may not be highly populated, but there is indeed plenty space to roam around and I do believe the best way to do so in renting a Campervan. Why is that so? Well here are some –what I believe to be- good reasons:

  • Flexibility: booking tours can sometimes be quite fuzzy trying to find availability, being tied up to schedules, routines and itinerary can be a very stressful experience.
  • Saving up: not only money, but also time. Now there is no need to check for hotel rooms, link those dates properly with any tour you might want to add or you’re your transport schedule. Forget about no vacancy signs, high last minute rates… Everything you really need is coming along with you.
  • Enjoy Iceland, regardless the weather: Icelandic weather is very unpredictable. You can definitely lessen the risk of not being able to visit a certain place by renting a campervan. Tours usually get cancelled or postponed wasting your time and sometimes even ruining your holidays.

Campervan Iceland

There are many option when renting a campervan from models to vehicle capacity. We have checked most of them for you and gathered them in this campervan Iceland: ranking top 5 campervan Rental Companies in Iceland post! So here we go!

Campervan Iceland: ranking top 5 campervan Rental Companies in Iceland Price Comparison

We have chosen those companies where basic CDW insurance and unlimited kilometers are included, as we believe this is fundamental in every rental. Most of their vehicles are also pretty new. Dates we chose: 1-7 September 2017, same equipment (beware: some websites offer them as extras) and in the order we visited their websites:

RankingRental AgencyPrice per day
1Campervan IcelandCampers from 100€ / day
2HOLDUR CAMPERVANSCampers from 140€ / day
3Motorhome IcelandCampers from 120€ / day
4Campervan ReykjavíkCampers from 110€ / day
5Camper Rental IcelandCampers from 130€ / day

In this Campervan Iceland: ranking top 5 campervan Rental Companies in Iceland we also wanted to share some useful tips for those travelers who would like to wander around our roads, they will make your Iceland driving experiences way more enjoyable and secure and the same time!

Campervan Iceland: Useful tips

  • Speed limit: We all know they are set is for our own security! So please do respect them, they have a very important role in road safety.

Campervan Iceland

We hope this Campervan Iceland: ranking top 5 campervan Rental Companies in Iceland post easies your mind and please remember: always buckle up!

Campervan Iceland

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