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This blog is usually related to touristic information on what to visit in Iceland and when. And although we said it a thousand times (yes, we sound like a broken record by now) renting a car in Iceland is the best way to get around the island. However, it is now the right time to provide an alternative to those who simply cannot drive. Today, we will introduce Reykjavík’s main bus station, welcome to our guide of the BSI Bus Terminal.

Best car rental in Iceland

Bsi Bus Terminal In Reykjavik

Traveling through Iceland by bus

Traveling by bus is not a common option among the tourists that visit Iceland. Public transport in Iceland is not as developed as in other European countries, and this can be a challenge for travelers who rely on it to explore the country. While there are buses that connect the major cities and towns, they can be infrequent, especially in remote areas. As a result, many travelers opt either for their own car rental in Iceland or for private transfers, which offer a more flexible and reliable way to get around.

Private transfers can take many forms, from taxi services and private cars to organized tours and airport transfers. However, they are often more expensive than public transport, and that’s not an option for those who are looking for something that won’t break the bank.

As we mentioned before, the public transport network outside the capital is not very developed. Schedules are more limited, and so is the number of companies that provide bus services and routes. Even so, there are always destinations that are easily accessible by bus. And it must be noted that not everyone can drive their own car, right?

Today we are not going to focus on urban transport in Iceland, but rather those that would take us outside the Icelandic capital itself.

BSÍ Bus Terminal

All trips start and end at one site. This is usually the BSÍ Bus Terminal. The station is located in downtown Reykjavik, Iceland’s main city. At Vatnsmyrarvegur St #10. This makes it an idyllic place for all those who want to go on an Icelandic adventure.

The station itself is not very big, so don’t be afraid of getting lost. You will see a white building with two floors. On the ground floor, you have the main hall, there’s a waiting area with several seats at your disposal. In front of them and to the side, you have the ticket box and the arrival and departure gates.

What bus companies operate at the Reykjavík bus station?

The two main companies operating at this station are Flybus and Reykjavík Excursions.


The Flybus Airport shuttle offers its services between the Icelandic capital and the international airport. So, for many, their stop at the BSÍ Bus Terminal will be their first contact with Reykjavík. The journey takes about 40 to 50 minutes. Once you arrive at the bus station, you can walk directly to the city center.

Icelandic Bus System Under The Northern Lights

Currently, the price for an adult, a one-way ticket from Keflavik airport to BSÍ Bus Terminal, or vice versa is 3,499 ISK or about USD 25. You can buy the ticket physically but you also do it on their website. It is advisable to check the current schedules since due to the exceptional circumstances that we are currently going through, these may vary.

Reykjavík Excursions:

This company has been one of the largest Icelandic tour operators since the mid-1960s. They have various routes that will take you throughout Iceland, as well as specialized tours to the best-known sites such as the Golden Circle, the Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon, or the Blue Lagoon. You can also book with them through their website.

What services does BSÍ Bus Terminal have?

Although this terminal not as huge as other stations in different European capitals, the BSÍ Bus Terminal is perfectly equipped. From staffed ticketing counters to automated machines for faster booking if desired.

It also has a tourist information center where they can help you with your itinerary, places to visit, day trips. They even make reservations for tours and accommodations. In this way, you can create your own route and have everything reserved in a simple way.

Where to eat at BSI Bus Terminal?

It has happened to all of us at some point. We come from a long journey on an empty stomach and we need to eat immediately. Or we start a trip, and to get to the station on time, we leave the hotel or house without eating. Whatever your case is, know that you have a place to eat well at the Reykjavik bus station.

Bus Stop In Iceland

Fljótt og Gott at BSI Bus Terminal

Fljótt og Gott at BSÍ has changed the name of the place to Mýrin Mathús. The place has undergone radical renovations recently. It is still an easy to find place, right inside the station itself. We recommend it because it has a good selection of food, much of it fast food, but also some more traditional Icelandic options. Not for nothing is it one of the oldest restaurants in the country. And although they have been renovated, it is still run by the same people, so you can continue to enjoy the delicacies and flavor of this restaurant.

Among its specialties is the Svið, which is the half-boiled severed sheep’s head. The brains are removed, the hair is removed and it is served with mashed turnips or potatoes. It is a well-known dish during Þorrablót, a festival that marks the beginning of winter. Now, you can enjoy this particular dish at Mýrin Mathús.

They have fast, friendly, and very good service. It is aimed at families so it is a good stop to eat or drink something there. Or also to take it with you on your bus trip in Iceland.

Vending machines

This option is perfect for those who are not really very hungry and just want to have a snack or grab a bottle of water or soda. You have several at your disposal scattered around the terminal.

Bus Services In Iceland

BSI bus terminal

You already know how to locate the terminal and what to expect from this bus station. We recommend that you always check the arrival and departure times of the buses since, with the current situation, many have changed or are constantly changing. If you cannot drive either due to age or because you do not have a driver’s license, do not hesitate to check this option. Iceland is available to everyone in different ways, you just have to know how to find them. We will welcome you, arms wide open!

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