Best Things to do While in Mývatn and Around


Mývatn lake name comes from the Icelandic “mý” which means tiny fly and “vatn” which means lake. This place located at the North of the island is full of little flies during summer. There also plenty of ducks feed by those little insects, so this area is really interesting for ornithologists.

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This beautiful lake located around 50km from Húsavík has around 37km² and it’s not really deep, with around 4,5m at the deepest place. It’s the fifth biggest lake in the country and holds a marathon every year.


As you will see below, there are plenty of things to do in and around Mývatn for all tastes. You can explore, go trekking, have a relaxing bath, look at the flora and bird life, visit interesting areas nearby,

Skútustaðir craters

Those geographic features are right on the lake; Eruptions never happened but there were certain explotions. The lava created this formations when it got in contact with the lake’s water.


Not far from the lake you will find this 1km crater which is believed was formed 2500 years ago. You can climb up to the crater and will have amazing views of the area.


Is an area near the lake with spectacular lava formations like tunnels, round shapes, and even one of them is known as the “church” because of its shape.


This waterfall located at Jökulsárgljúfur National Park is not far from Mývatn and can be visited on the same day. The water comes from Vatnajökull Glacier and it’s the most powerful of Europe, the fall is 44m high.



It’s located at only 5km from Mývatn Lake and it’s a huge extension of rare field with amazing colours and full of craters and vents. The intense smell of sulphur and burnt horn baths all the area and this one of the best thinks to do when visiting Mývatn as it’s a unique experience that you will not experience in other countries. There are street signs along the path to take a walk around.  You need to pay attention as some areas are quite hot.

Mývatn Nature baths

This is surely one of the best thinks to do while in Mývatn. After doing some trekking around and enjoying the stunning landscapes, spoil yourself taking an alkaline bath to relax, having lunch or dinner at the restaurant or even having a steam bath in natural geothermal steam which comes through vents in the floor. It’s open all year-round and they close at midnight in summer!


There is a small local airport on this village from where you can get a sightseeing flight and enjoy the great landscapes of this region from another point of view!



One of the most famous areas in Iceland is formed by Askja volcano, is about 2h and a half from Mývatn and you will need a 4×4 vehicle to get there, that’s why many visitors decide to go on an organised tour as the one offered by local companies. Last time it erupted was back in 1875 and it created an 11km lake

How to get to Mývatn

As we said before, this volcano is in the north of Iceland. The easiest way to reach it is by car, perhaps renting one car or a campervan is a good idea as it will take around 6 hours to get here from Reykjavik. You will drive all the way on Road 1 so no special vehicle is needed, but be careful with snow and ice on the road!

Best Things to do While in Mývatn and Around

Where to eat and stay in Mývatn

Obviously there are no restaurants right on the volcano area but you will find some places at the little villages around as for example Vogafjos Cowshed Café which is a farm and little café –not cheap at all, around 30€ for a burger! You can also visit the restaurant at the Mývatn Nature baths. There are also nice and good hotels if you want to spend more than one day here. From luxury hotels as Hotel Reynihlid to guesthouses like Vogafjos Guesthouse, all depends on what you

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