The Most Complete Information in The Best 5 Blogs About Iceland

Blogs About Iceland

When we first started I am Reykjavik, our main objective was to get people to know about our culture. It was all about sharing our opinions, sharing our knowledge and providing a different point of view as Icelanders. Just like we did, there are many people out there in the vast internet who share the same idea and probably the same passion. Here we got some of the best 5 blogs about Iceland, just for you!

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Blogs About Iceland

The fun thing about the internet is its diversity. This medium allows different people with different perspectives and backgrounds to share information about a certain topic. In this case the common topic is Iceland. Addressing such an extensive topic is not always easy. Nevertheless, there are so many things to take into account and they can undermine us when writing a blogs about Iceland, so no many blogs “survive”.

Does writing a blog mean that we only have to deliver good quality in order to catch eager readers? Is that enough or does it need more? In my personal case, I think it does not matter how you want to approach the subject, it is quite personal. As long as you do it with enough information and provide good quality, you will be fine.

More and more people are creating their own blogs about Iceland and the Icelandic blog-world is growing day by day. It is quite understandable to find that many bloggers write about the same topics and there are always a variety of answers to the same questions. But here I have chosen some of them that, I believe, deliver that quality we mentioned above.

Blogs About Iceland

  1. Iceland 24

In my personal opinion, one of the best blogs out there. They provide information not just about traveling but pretty much about everything. From weather, music festivals, roads, culture, food to technology and regulations. Blog owners are David and Joanne and they keep their blog updated. You can also join their forum community if you are looking for further information about Iceland. They get almost tons of views every day. And no wonder why! What a great job and source for anything Icelandic.

  1. I heart Reykjavik

What a lovely blog! Auður, the owner has delivered a cute looking but well informed blog. Information about Iceland, events and traveling can be found here. She has also recently open some walking tours that complement her experience as a travel guide.

  1. Guide to Iceland

Although it is not just a blog (they also sell packages and products) they provide some great articles, most of them focused on Iceland’s stunning and wild nature. They are indeed fantastic! You can also find some articles based on culture and history that I recommend as well.

Blogs About Iceland

The Most Complete Information in The Best 5 Blogs About Iceland

  1. The blonde abroad

Even though this blog is not focused only in Iceland it is a great resource. You can choose our country when getting there for specific articles and reviews. I love the perspective of this blog, how to travel alone and still being able to enjoy each place at most. It is quite visual and lovely looking.

  1. From Ice to Spice

Just the title of it is quite catchy! Love it. It is focus on budget traveling, backpacking and cheap options for anyone who would like to visit Iceland avoiding high costs. If you are one of this, then be sure to check it out. Maybe Iceland is not as expensive as it may seem!

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