Basic Phrases In Icelandic For First Timers – Let’s Have A Chat!

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Planning a trip to a foreign country is always associated with apprehension of a language barier. Nowadays we can communicate in English everyhere as well as in Iceland. However easy it might be, we do recommend to get some basics of a native language. Those who start their adventure with Icelandic language often get discouraged even before the start. Sometimes we hear that Icelandic is unmanageable and even for Icelandic people might look a bit difficult. It doesn’t have to be a linguistic torture though. We will help you get the Basic Phrases In Icelandic you should know when coming to Iceland for the first time.

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Basic Phrases In Icelandic

You can obviously google some basic words like ‘hello’ and ‘how are you’ and learn it by heart to surprise your new Icelandic friends. However there are many phrases and sayings in Icelandic language that can be found peculiar and not easily understandable. We will then focus on that part and make you really rock it with this knowledge!

Að stökkva upp á nef sér / Jumping onto your own nose

Are you short-tempered? This phrase goes with you than. It means that you get angry very quickly without a major reason. You will probably hear it when someone wants to let you know that you should think seriously about your behaviour and reason you get angry so easily.

Rúsínan í pylsuendanum / The raisin at the end of the hot dog

This phrase means nothing more than a cherry on top of a sundae. It expreses a pleasant surprise to  already an awesome situation. This is a perfect thing to say to emphasize an additional thing taht makes something good even better.

Takk Fyrir Síðast / Thank You for Last Time

This is a usual phrase Icelandic people use when meeting again with same people. With this saying you can express how wonderful you spent your time with them last time. Learn this Basic Phrases In Icelandic as it is very useful. Also it will be very polite of yourself to tell your new friends how nice it was to meet them last time.

Basic Phrases In Icelandic

Ég mun finna þig í fjöru / I will find you on a beach

You better don’t make Icelandic people angry, otherwise, you will hear this phrase. It is good than that you know what it means. Basically, it is a bit of a threat meaning nothing else than „I will get my revenge”.

Leggja Höfuðið í Bleyti / Lay Your Head in Water

You can use this phrase when you want to express that you deeply need to think something over. Same if you need to make an important decision and need to concentrate and think about it. For example when you are thinking on how to pack your suitcase for Icelandic trip!

Gluggaveður / Window-Weather

Another important phrase you should know adn will definitely use it while travelling around Iceland. You wake up in the morning, look outside the window and see how sunny it is. However, as soon as you go outside it comes out it is not that warm as it seemed? That is when you will use this phrase and will realise, it was just a window- weather.

Basic Phrases In Icelandic

Basic Phrases In Icelandic For First Timers – Let’s Have A Chat!

Kemur Allt Með Kalda Vatninu / It All Comes with the Cold Water

You can perfectly use this one to tell your impatient friends in the queue in Blue Lagoon. It means that you needto be patient otherwise things are not going to go well. If you are patient, things will go well basically. This is another useful one on our Basic Phrases In Icelandic list.

Áfram með Smjörið / On with the Butter

On with the butter means to get done with the job. You can use this phrase when you need to make other people do their job. They need to do it anyway so they should get into it and finish it for once. Ladies, remember this one when your partner will be lingering about changing that broken tire in your car!

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