Autumn in Iceland- The season series

Autumn In Iceland- The Season Series

I love autumn, I really do. To me is one of the most heartwarming season, it is sort of in the middle of everything, it is not hot but not too cold either, days are slowly getting darker but you still got plenty of that beautiful misty light…and the colors and the smell of freshly brewed coffee! So, grab yourself a cup and let’s get on it with this Autumn in Iceland- The season series

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Autumn In Iceland- The Season Series

Autumn in our island usually starts in late august and stays until October. This, of course, depends on the year as sometimes it even lingers until early November. The green that covered the land is now starting to turn into a brown-reddish shade that create a beautiful contrast with the thin layers of the first snow of the season. Yummy berries and mushrooms are coming up all across the country and funny fact for our Autumn in Iceland- The season series readers! There are not many trees in Iceland, you will find some willows or birch trees but the countryside is definitely not a land where trees are everywhere.

Weather and temperatures

Temperatures ranges from 0º C to 11ºC approximately. But the weather is definitely more windy and rainy but do not get worries about it! In Iceland, we have plenty of cafés where you can have a relaxing break from all the hustle and bustle. In our Autumn in Iceland- The season series article, we not only want you to learn about the climate but also about our culture, and coffee is part of it.

Autumn In Iceland- The Season Series

Daylight Hours

Daylight range during Autumn is not as wide as in summer but it stills gives plenty of daylight time to enjoy. The sun rises at 7:30 am and sets at approximately 18:30. As you can see, this does look like a normal and average day you would have in other parts of the world and latitudes.  The closer it gets to November, the less daylight there is. Nights are quite dark too during the fall. This gives us the opportunity to take pleasure in the Northern Lights show too! So I bet that at the beginning of this Autumn in Iceland- The season post you thought, ok I will rule Fall out of my list, now in a second thought, it does not seem like an awful season to visit Iceland, does it?

Fall Traditions

Eager to learn more about local traditions, well this Autumn in Iceland- The season series article has also a section dedicated to them!

  • Sviðamessa / Djúpivogur: this is a feast celebrated in October, it has a strong ancient and pagan hint to it. People gather around the table to binge on sheep heads and other delicatessen of the Icelandic cuisine.
  • Herding Horses: This old tradition is still alive in Iceland, and during the fall you can witness this beautiful show. As you may already know, in Iceland we have our own breed of horses who roam free in the countryside before being round up when Fall arrives. It takes place in the northeast of the Iceland, mostly in Laufskálaréttir, Skagafjörður fjord, the last week of September. Do not miss the opportunity to join a horseback riding tour!

Autumn In Iceland- The Season Series

Autumn in Iceland- The season series 


More ideas for you to have fun during this period of the year. Here you have some of the most famous festivals celebrated in Fall

  • Iceland Airwaves: it is a well-known festival held in Reykjavik in November, dedicate mostly to electronic music and rock.  You will be able to enjoy 5 days of music and partying. If you want to check this year’s lineup go to the Iceland Airwaves website.
  • Imagine Peace Tower lightning: It is not exactly a tower, it is an artwork made with light. Its glow can reach up to 4000 meters high. Located in Reykjavik, the tower is lit up annually and many people come to write their peace wishes. Among them, Yoko Ono, the widow of the ex-Beatle, John Lennon. This tower is dedicated to him.

The tower is lit up on the 9th of October, on John Lennon’s birthday.

Now we only have one more season to go; keep an eye on our I am Reykjavik blog, do not miss the upcoming posts!

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