The city of Akureyri lies right in the north of the country. Being one of the biggest cities in such region, no wonder why it has received the title of the “Capital of the north”. Although the city has many activities to offer, the most adventurous and requested one is Whale Watching In Akureyri. If you are also interested in these huge, mysterious and wild animals, then stick around! We are about to begin!

Whale Watching In Akureyri

Spotting whales is not that common in other areas of the world, as these giant animals usually have their route well marked on the map. In Iceland, we are lucky enough to have tours for Whale Watching In Akureyri. But, how come more than 20 species decide to swim up to these waters?

The reason behind it is quite simple. In Iceland, we have cold currents coming from the North but also warmer currents from the South. This current, whose name is the Gulf stream, flows directly from the Gulf of Mexico. It brings these warmer waters that mixed with those coming from the north, creates a perfect feeding area. Here, the sea around this place is also shallow, making it easier for the whales to come with their offspring for a nice banquet.

Whale Watching In Akureyri is absolutely breathtaking, but the history behind these whales adds an extra. You may watch them relaxing and having a nice time, but they have actually been traveling for a month! Their journey starts off at the Gulf of Mexico, and they swim following the current until the reach the Icelandic coast.

Whale Watching In Akureyri

The whales usually visit us from April to mid-October and normally the peak season is in June. When coming for Whale Watching In Akureyri, you really do not need to worry about a thing. There are several companies and most of them offer a complete attire. It includes thermic overalls, googles and life vest. This is important as the boats depart from Akureyri and head offshore. This area is prone to winds and cool temperatures, so being well prepared is a must.

Whale Watching In Akureyri is a great experience as most of these tours are, of course, guided by a specialist. They will provide information about the whales, the species of cetaceans you can sightsee and provide further explanation about their behavior. The most common specie here in Iceland is the humpback whale. The easiest way to spot them is by their blowhole. You will be able to see the hot air coming out of their lungs into the air. Many people believe this is just water itself but is actually condensation! Isn’t that amazing? They jump around, head from one place to the other and of course they slap their tails and splash!

Whale Watching In Akureyri

Whale Watching In Akureyri – Everything You Need To Know

Be sure to check all the Whale Watching In Akureyri tours. Dot not miss the opportunity of meeting these amazing creatures. You can add this adventure to your memories, making Iceland a much more epic experience!

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