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Icelandic Words With No Translation

Certain Icelandic words have no translation
We’re pretty used to hearing that language is just another means of communication. It has to be effective and tends to evolve so that fewer words encompass more concepts. When we learn a foreign language, we often feel the need to find the exact word to express our thoughts. That one expression that we use all the time in...

How Do I Plan a Trip to Iceland?

How to plan a road trip to Iceland and Vik church
Travel has changed a lot over time. In the past, the only options available were those offered by travel agents. Now, we have plenty of information available online. That allows most travelers to create a customized experience. You can decide how, when and where you go. So that everything is done correctly, organization is a must, and so is...

Woman at War – A Showcase of Icelandic Scenery

Woman at War is an Icelandic movie filmed in Iceland
It’s possible that you may not recognize the title. For some, it may ring a bell. Don’t worry, you haven't gone crazy and you're not alone. But take note, as this little gem of a movie is sure to generate a lot of buzz. The truth is that this spring of 2019 has been quite favorable for the film...

Guide to Solo Travel in Iceland

Iceland solo travel tips with female traveler
Traveling bring so many benefits to your mind and body. It is a fact that traveling can make us happier, as it helps to reduce the stress we’re exposed to from our daily routines. You experience new things, discover new places and meet new people. Typically, people tend to travel with their loved ones, friends or family but sometimes...

Stunning Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach in Iceland

View of pebbles on Iceland's black sand beach Reynisfjara
Iceland is a country known for its breathtaking natural beauty. The Land of Fire and Ice is home to explosive volcanoes, careening waterfalls, mammoth glaciers, and much more. Thanks to the country’s geology, Iceland also has something not found in many places: black sand beaches. In fact, one of the most gorgeous black sand beaches in the world is...

Hunting Dragons in Iceland – Lake Lagarfljót and Beyond

Want to go hunting dragons in Iceland with this medieval drawing?
Did you know there are dragons in Iceland? I know...crazy, right? The country is known as the Land of Fire and Ice thanks to its explosive volcanoes and massive glaciers. But could Iceland also be the land of dragons? Absolutely! Iceland is a magical place with lots of folklore (most Icelanders supposedly even believe in elves), so why not...

Things to do in Iceland for free

Free things to do in Iceland to save money
Iceland is the second most expensive country in the world. We received this non-so-attractive distinction due to many reasons. To mention a few, the VAT is high. Depending on the product/service, it could be either 11% or 24%. Food wise, it is 24%. That is why you might think the food is so expensive in Iceland. Add to this...

The Icelandic Sagas: History and Heroism

The Icelandic Sagas tell the history of Vikings like Ragnar Lothbrok
Thousands of years have gone by since the days where battles and wars were commonplace in our society. We still find those stories fascinating and mesmerizing. They used to be vicious and violent, and though I’m not really into the rough stuff, I am aware that those people were courageous and brave enough to protect their land or to...

The Icelandic Language and Jaeja

Takk means thank you in Icelandic
In a world dominated by English, many people consider the language of Shakespeare to be the global lingua franca. And while most Icelanders speak English very well, it’s not our mother tongue. On our tiny island, we keep alive a modern Icelandic language that is almost identical to the Icelandic sagas. Can you believe they were written a thousand...

10 Things to Know For Iceland 1st Timers

First time advice and tips for Iceland travel
Traveling makes us happy in so many ways we are not even aware of. It doesn’t matter where you are traveling to, how many days you mark on the calendar as "holidays", whether you're getting on a boat, on a plane, on a train or strapping up your hiking boots; traveling will do you and your heart a world...

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