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How to Prepare For Your Iceland Glacier Hike

Man hiking on an Iceland glacier close to the crevice
Iceland is no longer an “unknown destination” for many. The tourism industry has slowly developed and thrust Iceland into the spotlight. The number of visitors is increasing every year, and most of them are attracted by Iceland’s raw nature. A whole world of possibilities is available for all kind of visitors. Probably one of the most extraordinary experiences one...

Do You Need to Rent a 4WD Vehicle in Iceland?

Do you need to rent a 4WD in Iceland?
If you’re visiting Iceland, chances are you’ll eventually leave Reykjavik. While all international visitors fly into Keflavik and stay in the country’s capital, at some point they’ll want to hit the road. Renting a car, campervan, or motorhome and taking a road trip is the best way to explore the island. If you’ve done any research on the topic,...

Reykjavik Sightseeing: Harpa Concert Hall

Harpa Concert Hall is an iconic Reykjavik landmark
Harpa Concert Hall is without a doubt one of the most iconic landmarks in Reykjavik city. The architectural wonder attracts a significant number of locals and tourist every year. It’s located by the harbor on Austurbakki street, just a couple blocks from downtown. This is a one of a kind stop on your Reykjavik sightseeing adventure. Harpa Concert Hall...

All You Need to Know About Renting Camping Equipment in Iceland

Camping gear is available for rent in Reykjavik
Camping in Iceland is a popular way to see the country. On a Scandinavian island famous for its high prices, people are looking to save money any way they can. Opting out of a hotel and setting up a tent or using a campervan or motorhome and one of Iceland’s over 200 campgrounds is an economical way to explore...

Kirkjufell and Kirkjufellsfoss

View from the field of Kirkjufell mountain and Kirkjufellsfoss waterfall in Snaefellsnes peninsula
Iceland provides plenty of countless natural attractions to explore. Our country is known for having incredible landscapes to offer visitors. Everything from towering mountains to expansive canyons to powerful waterfalls. It’s quite easy to get to know the island as most points of interest for tourists are located along Route 1 or the Ring Road. Today we’ll be heading...

When Should I Visit Iceland?

Spring waterfall in Iceland. What's the best month to visit?
You’ve already made the big decision. Your trip is going to be to the magical land of waterfalls, glaciers, the Northern Lights, volcanoes, and black sand beaches. Congratulations on your excellent taste in tourism destinations. So now that you’ve decided where to go, the next big question is WHEN. What is the best month to visit Iceland? You’ve probably...

Iceland’s February Weather, Temperature and Daylight Hours

Iceland's Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon in February
I'll just come right out and say it. Iceland is cold in February. There's just no getting around it. But it's not as chilly as you might think. The warming waters of the Gulf Stream surround the island and create a small microclimate. So while temperatures do hover around the freezing point during the whole month, you won’t find...

Do I Really Need Car Rental in Insurance in Iceland?

Iceland's icy, muddy roads mean you need rental insurance
Renting a car, campervan or motorhome and driving around Iceland’s Ring Road is the perfect way to see the country. You can go at your own pace and explore places like Vatnajökull National Park or the Diamond Circle. When you pick up your rental at Keflavík airport or at the rental desk in town, they’ll ask you the inevitable...

Where to Eat in Akureyri (Restaurants and Cafés)

Akureyri at night. What are the best bars, restaurants and cafés?
Akureyri may be considered a small city in the north of Iceland. But there is actually something quite charming. And I don't just mean about its picture-perfect landscapes. Only a few people are live in this town, around 18,000 inhabitants. Nonetheless, the population is quickly growing due to a large number of tourists that come here every day. Today...

Iceland’s South Coast: Vík and Environs

Reynisfjara black sand beaches and basalt columns are Vik's signature natural attraction
The tourism industry in Iceland is booming. With over 2.2 million annual visitors, our small Nordic island has become a tourist hotspot, topping the bucket lists of travelers all around the globe. While some people come to Reykjavik for a few days, the majority of travelers who come to our shores are here for a different type of adventure:...

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