Probably the last thing you think when visiting us is where to find a luggage storage in Iceland. But it can become a problem once you are in a new place and have no idea what to do with your suitcase or backpack. One day excursion or a city tour will be further more enjoyable. If you don’t have to keep an eye on your luggage, so let me give you some solutions for that. Learn about Luggage storage in Iceland with our article.

Luggage storage in Iceland

The most suitable option is that you leave them at your accommodation. Usually hostels, hotels and B&Bs can take your luggage in the early morning, even if you check out later. However, if you chose to stay on a private flat, they might not be able to take you luggage before your check in. You can just check with them before arrival, to avoid any problems on site.

In case you cannot leave it at your accommodation, don’t panic! There are some companies only dedicated to store luggage from visitor, for example Luggage Lockers. They have different locations in Reykjavik where you can leave your bags for a fee. The price depends on the location, time and the dimensions of the selected locker (between 290 ISK and 1490 ISK for 24h).

Luggage storage in Iceland

You can also find luggage storage facilities in both airports: Keflavik international Airport and Reykjavik domestic Airport. Just be careful, Keflavik airport has special opening times for low season, you can check it here.

Luggage storage in Iceland

Luggage storage in Iceland

There are some attractions that also have thought about it, and provide a place to leave your staff as for example, the Blue Lagoon. You can go there just before leaving Iceland to have the last bath or maybe it can be your first stop in the country. So they offer luggage storage with the same opening hours as Blue Lagoon and the price per bag is 550 ISK.

Most visitants decide to rent a car or a campervan to explore the island. Many rental companies keep customer’s luggage when needed, but not all of them as they might not have enough space. I recommend that you check with them in case you have any plans after returning your car as for example a day excursion. Don’t forget some tour companies also offer their facilities to leave your luggage while you are with them.

Luggage storage in Iceland

The Tourist information office also offers this service, and bags can be accessed during their opening times. They can store any size suitcases, bikes and skis. You can check fees here.

Finally, if exploring the wonderful north part of Iceland, the Tourist Information center from Akureyri can keep luggage up to one night but they don’t have a specifically secure room for that. If you are flying from Keflavik to Akureyri, I recommend you leave your staff at Keflavik as it will be easier. In addition, some accommodation in Akureyri will help you out keeping your bags, as the Akureyri Backpackers.

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